Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pictures from Michigan trip, July 29-31

Since our trip to Ontario put us within three hours of Philip's family in Michigan, I obviously needed to share the kids with them too... =)

We left my parent's house on Wednesday morning and met up with my friend Laura and my sister in law, Rebekah, in London for lunch. We had a wonderful, (if not a bit "kid crazy") lunch together, before the kids and I hit the road for Michigan.

Rebekah, Laura and us at Eastside Mario's

We spent the evening (and overnight) at Philip's Uncle Dennis and Aunt Mary's house in St. Claire Shores. We had a great time with them and it was extra special to get a surprise visit from Dan, Philip's dad, while we were there! We had never spent the night here before and we got five star service!

Fun times with Grandpa

Aunt Mary, Uncle Dennis and Moriah

After a fantastic dinner, we took advantage of the beautiful evening, and Aunt Mary, the kids and I took a walk to their local Tim Horton's while the men took a walk to buy ice cream to go with our pie for dessert. =)

Mmmm.... sweet caffeination

Mmm... sweet apple pie

The next morning, while I took our van to an autoglass shop to have a chip in the windshield fixed, Aunt Mary watched both kids for me. What a blessing! When I returned they were all having a great time outside. Keenan was playing with a train on the sidewalk, while watching a man cut the grass across the street, and Aunt Mary was...

...trying to teach Moriah how to walk??

Look at those legs! LOL!

After leaving Aunt Mary's, we went to my friend Melissa's for lunch. Keenan actually took an Amazing (two + hours) nap while we had lunch and watched the babies play.

Moriah and Maddy getting to know each other

Next, we headed to Troy to Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary's. While Dan played cars with Keenan and kept an eye on Moriah, I brought all our stuff in and got us moved in upstairs. That evening we met up with a bunch more of the family at Au.nt Patti's to celebrate Philip's cousin, Bridget's, birthday.

Bridget,the birthday girl (19!)

"Post ice cream and cake" face

Moriah with her great Grandma Dooley

The next morning we packed up again and headed for Port Huron...

Picture with Grandpa before we left

I was so stoked to be able to get together with my immediate family as well as a bunch of my mom's side of the family (who we rarely see since they are from Florida, South Carolina and Congo!) We were the first ones to get to our meeting spot. Once a few others got there, we set up on a little triangle of grass in the parking lot to wait for the rest of the family.

Rebekah and my mom with the kids

Sittin' pretty

Our whole group outside the restaurant!

Feeding the seagulls

Running to me

It was a little chilly- Moriah had to wear her warmest clothes!

Keenan spent lots of time on the swings!!

He loved it when Uncle Andrew would catch him!

Catherine, Ruth, Me, Rebecca, Renee

Keenan and his new friend, Jade (they are just a couple months apart in age)

How adorable is this??? It wasn't even really posed, it just sort of happened!
I think it looks like an "engagement picture" LOL

We celebrated my cousin, Renee's birthday, just before she returns to Congo

Ada and I

All bundled up!

On the way back to my parent's house, I made a quick stop to see an old friend, Rhoda, since I hadn't connected with her since Moriah was born.

Me, Rhoda and her youngest, Talia (sp?)

When we got home, we discovered that Moriah loves Arrowroot biscuits!

First taste..

All done!

Okay, I'll try and get to the pictures from Saturday through Tuesday tomorrow!

Today has been pretty low key. We went to the Commissary, then Andrew went to the Mozambican Embassy to figure out some stuff for his visa. The kids and I took (too short) naps, and then Andrew took Keenan down to the pool for a while so I could work on the blog.

After Philip came home, we took the subway (so Keenan could have one last ride) into DC and saw the Old Post Office and the cool bell tower and then grabbed some dinner and ice cream in the food court before coming home. Here are a couple pictures from that:

Such a beautiful building

One of the views from the top of the bell tower

Andrew and I in the tower

Philip and Moriah on the way home (the first time Philip has been featured on here in quite some time!)

I almost forgot to mention.. I got "welcome home" mail today! After I picked Philip up from work, he checked our mailbox downstairs in the lobby, and there was a post card for me! He had apparently walked to the post office yesterday and mailed it, and it was delivered today - how cute is that!?

Andrew flies back to Ontario early in the morning.... and in a couple months is headed back to Mozambique (indefinitely), so it makes me pretty sad to think about saying goodbye in the morning... =0/


Mom W. said...

Yay, pictures!!! Fun!

Flakymn said...

First of all Moriah standing. WOAH.

Secondly, this blog makes me tired just reading it. What a whirlwind.

I need a nap.

P.S. We miss you. Come home soon.

Mom W. said...

Trying to figure out the "Rebekah and my Mom with the kids" one with only Moriah in it, did you change your mind on the picture?? or did you crop us out... = )

Joia said...

Sorry mom, that picture had accidentally got deleted, and the caption was still there. It's fixed now.