Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not my best blogging days...

Sorry loyal readers - I have definitely not been turning out stellar blog posts the last couple days. Why?
1. The days have been so busy, I don't have the time that I normally would have at home.
2. I'm usually getting the kids to be late, and then am so exhausted myself that I don't want to stay up half the night blogging.
3. I can't access my pictures nearly as often or as easily as I am used to, so getting them uploaded is a much bigger task than normal.

Today was the first time since leaving DC that we have stayed in the same place for the entire day, without going anywhere. That was so awesome! We had a wonderful time with about 35 people that were here for housechurch today. Keenan pretty much played and ran around the entire day, and was dirtier than I have ever seen him, which means he had a Ton of fun!

I actually got the kids in bed close to their normal bedtime, so I have more time tonight (and was planning to do a picture catch up post, but Andrew is gone with his computer that has all my pictures on it). So... instead, I'm going to go to bed in decent time - woohoo! =0)


Flakymn said...

Joia, I think getting to sleep is much more important!!! Just a quick paragraph is all we need to feel satisfied. Pics can wait. (Or you can put a pic or two up without worrying about editing them -- I never edit!) REST!

auntmary said...

Agree w/Flakymn! As much as we all enjoy your blog and pictures, rest is way more important. So since you have lots of extra hands to help you right now - take advantage and REST!

denise said...

I agree with Wendi, you need to rest when you can! Being well rested makes us better Mommies. The world can wait to find out what you are up to! :)

Mom E said...

As I was reading the comments, which were echoing my sentiments exactly, I was moved by how many lives your blog touches. I agree! REST!! :-)