Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mmmmmelting Pot...

Tonight I'm joining four of the wifia, along with some of our other friends (and a couple friends we haven't met yet) for a Ladies Night at the Melting Pot in Destin! I have never been before, but Love fondue and have heard that this is THE place to do it! I'm sooo excited! I Think this will be my first time out By Myself (for more than 45 minutes), since Moriah was born, without any kids in tow! Yay for Philip agreeing to watch both kids so I can have a fun night out! =)

The Evite from our friend, Kara, said the evening would include "a cheese fondue, salad, glass of wine, meat fondue and chocolate fondue"! How delicious does That sound???

I cannot wait.

Here's a couple pictures from this morning...

Keenan loves to rock Moriah in the chair in her room

Best buds

Flower child


Dana said...

I've been to the Melting Pot once and am dying to go back!! It is soooooo good! I have no doubts that you will absolutely love it. But believe me, it's easy to get full fast so be sure to save room for dessert! The chocolate fondue (and there are a ton of choices of different kinds!) is soo yummy!!!
Have fun!

Flakymn said...

Joia you've never been to the MP?!?! Oh it will be great! I LOVE IT!!! (I've only been once before.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Joia,

I just got back from the cottage and am catching up on your posts- backwards! I think this flower headband is my favourite!

We missed you this week!

Love you,


Mom W. said...

Me too!!mmm

Mom W. said...

Me too!!mmm