Monday, August 17, 2009

Late in Mentioning...

I can't believe I haven't yet posted about the amazing gift we received while I was home in Ontario! My brother, Rob, who is quite the master at woodworking, has been working on a beautiful chest for us for a while. This time I was home, it was ready! It is oak, lined with oh so sweet smelling cedar, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Of course, since it's so big, it meant that we couldn't have the rear seat up (for sleeping) on our trip home, but it was Definitely worth it! And, since it's a chest - Philip was able to pack a ton of stuff in it! =)

Check out this beauty!

We put it at the foot of our bed, and are still trying to decide what to put in it

The cedar lining - I can smell it just looking at the picture! =)

Here's a picture of the wood master, Rob, and his wife, Ada

Thanks again, Rob - you Rock!


Jessica said...

how beautiful!!!!!! hey, phil, since you're my brother, will you make me one?? :) hahaha!

The Mac's House said...

That is gorgeous!