Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Keenan's first visit to the Dentist!

Our day got off to a start bright and early with Keenan's dentist appointment at 8:00. He had never been before, and I just found this pediatric dentist online, hoping she was good. We couldn't have been more happy with the experience!

The office is brand new, bright, colorful and totally kid friendly. The hygienist was Fantastic and made sure to explain everything in "non scary" terms so Keenan wouldn't be afraid. She called the pick the "tooth counter", the suction was "Mr. Thirsty", she let Keenan feel the polisher on his finger nails before she put it in his mouth. Keenan even got to choose from six different flavors for his tooth polish (he chose bubble gum).

First she counted his fingers with the "Tooth counter"

Counting (while cleaning) his teeth

Giving him a drink of water


Moriah was very well behaved during the whole thing too!

The dentist "painting on" some flouride
(This method is SO much better than the nasty gel that you have to bite down on! Yuck!)

Getting some cool Cars stickers

A "Great Patient" sticker and a toy turtle =)

I was a little apprehensive going in, not sure how it would go, but Keenan did Amazingly and I'm soo proud of him! We got him a Mater truck on the way home. =)


Flakymn said...

Wow. I'm impressed. What age do they suggest you start going? (I guess I need to know this.)

I HATED that gel stuff they used to do when we were kids. My brother threw up once and they let him out of it every time after that. So unfair!

Mom W. said...

Yay Keenan!!! Is bight a new spelling for bite or is that really what that kind of biting is called?? Just wondered, can learn something new everyday?? Does Keenan have a megabight? =)

The Woodford's said...

Great job, Keenan! Mika's first experience at the dentist was Not a good one (thankfully the next one's were), so glad you found a good place to go!

Joia said...

Thanks for catching my typo, Mom! =)

Wendi, I agree that stuff was NASTY - fortunately I haven't had to do it for quite a few years, since I haven't had any cavities.

I think kids are supposed to start going at about age two - when they have all their baby teeth.

Edward said...

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