Saturday, August 29, 2009

Girls and boys go their separate ways

This afternoon, Moriah and I went to a baby shower (just about the most girly thing two girls can do), and Philip and Keenan spent the afternoon together doing boy stuff. I don't have all the pictures from the shower yet, so I'll just post about what they did for now, and talk about the shower tomorrow.

Before we left, they were out in the driveway, "playing racquetball". Keenan really wanted to play with the racquets, so Philip decided to see what he could do with the ball. He actually had a few good hits!

Learning the swing

Philip practicing on the low wall beside the driveway

Keenan going after the ball

...and hitting it along the ground =)

After all the racquetball they were tired out and needed a nap =)

Moriah and I ready to go to the shower
(She actually ended up wearing a different dress, since she spit up on this one)

After we left, Keenan took a two hour nap, and then they headed to Lowes. They returned some stuff, and then picked up some lightbulbs, sat on a bunch of tractors, looked at tubs, showers, ovens, countertops, cabinets, watched a guy cut up some lumber, payed for their stuff and went outside and sat on some more tractors.

On their way home, they went on base to buy gas. While Philip was pumping the gas, Keenan was eating his snack. When he got back in, Keenan said, "The monies went down the hill" ("down the hill" means "down my throat") Philip said, "What!? Did you put money in your mouth?" Keenan said, "Yes", Philip said, "Where is it?", Keenan said, "It went down the hill. It's my fault." Philip now realized that yes, Keenan did in fact swallow some money. "Does it hurt anywhere?" he said, "No". Then he asked, "Does it feel like it's stuck anywhere?" Keenan said, "Yes". "Can you point to where it feels stuck?" He didn't.

At this point Philip decided to turn around and head to the hospital. Keenan said, "I put money in mouth, but I can't take it out, it went down the hill".

When they got there, Philip went on his computer and read about swallowed objects in children to decide whether or not they needed to get an xray. He decided that they should, so had one of the interns order an xray.

Keenan did really well, and here is his penny!

Turns out it wasn't stuck after all, and they weren't too worried about it. We should see it in the next week or so, and if not, we're supposed to take him back in for another xray to see where it is. Sheesh. =)

On a random note. I saw this bunch of stuff at the end of someone's driveway today. After verifying that it was indeed being thrown away, I chose three items. Which three?

When Philip saw them he said, "I think Operation Clean Sweep has been reversed!"


Debbie said...

I think the 2 framed pictures (for the frames), and the white pot with yellow flowers on it. But if the 2 pictures count as one, then I would add hmmm, maybe the pedestal??? Or wait, if that's a fishing pole in the background, maybe that?

Anonymous said...

X-Ray picture! I can completely see Keenan taking that to school for show and tell!

And I LOVE Philip's comment about the reverse clean-up! Mark and I have been trying to get rid of books (we have SO MANY shelves and boxes) and then today we stopped at a Used Book Store and bought more! Everything was 75% off!

Okay, on to your question. I was going to agree with Debbie pretty much. I'd take the pillows to recover... Ahh! This is too hard for me!

I'm going to go with the two picture frames and the pedestal. I'm not 100% satisfied with my answer, but I'll stick with it.

What a busy day for you all!
Love you,

denise said...

2 frames and the pedestal is my guess, before looking at what everyone else said :) I would think a minute about the pillows, then get worried about dust mites and allergies because of not knowing where they have been.

Liz said...

joia, it's been such a long time since i last read your blog...i can't believe how big (and beautiful) your lovely children are!

hmmmm, i think the flower pot, the chairs and one of either the bread maker or the other thing, is it a slow cooker of some sort??

Aunt Jessica said...

ripstick, flower pot and column?
That x-ray looks fake! Let us know when you see the penny on the other side...but no pics please! LOL! :) So glad Keenan is ok especially since "monies" are trachea shaped! Love, Jessica

Aunt Jessica said...

P.S. I just re-read my comment...I know the x-ray isn't fake, it just totally looks like something you would see on CSI or a crime show. lol! :)

Brittny said...

ok, i'm thinking the frames (to display something besides birds), the flowerpot and the column too. you must let us know!