Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun at KidsZone

This morning my friend JEN (inside joke with the caps), organized a get together at KidsZone, with a 50% cut in price - sweet! Quite a few of our MOPS people were there, and Wendi and her boys joined us as well. It was super fun!

Jumping with his bud, Tucker

Still a Little too young to climb up this wall

Climbing through a hole

Keenan had a Blast and played soo hard the entire time, running, jumping, sliding, riding toys around, playing with balls, etc. What a great energy burner!

Meanwhile, Moriah and her friend, Chloe were chilling on the floor, watching the people, chatting, and sharing Chloe's snack... =) The cute dress Moriah has on used to be Chloe's.

Pretty girls =)

Baby tricks - Chloe claps, but all Moriah could think of on the spur of the moment was her trustee "tongue out" pose.

"Uh, Mom? Is she wearing my dress?"

"Moriah, the camera is over here!"

"Hey, you've got something in your ear..."

"Oh, I do too..."

"Chloe, stop showing off how flexible you are and check out that cute boy!"

"Where? Where?"

"This IS my dress, give it here, you thief!"

"What? I was just kidding, he he..."

Sweet girl

After a few hours, Keenan was definitely slowing down... =)

We stopped at Sonic for lunch and then headed home for naps (and we all Three actually got one!) After we got up, I dropped Keenan off at Wendi's while I went to have some blood drawn (to see which shots I need before our Kenya trip). Moriah hung out with Daddy for a bit while I was at the lab.

Wendi and I had a nice little visit and "catch up on life" when I went to pick Keenan up. The kids are all getting to a great stage where they play well together, so that was fun. =)


Jen said...

Ha! Ha! I've lost my anonymity!

Mom W. said...

Very funny captions, very cute girls!

reitefamily said...

Adorable pics Joia!! The captions are too cute! I love having girls so close in age!