Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday fun

Today was spent mostly at home. I had planned to go to a kids gymnastics place this morning with some friends but completely forgot about it until it was already starting! Oh well, in hindsight it was probably better anyway, because it made things less hectic for us today...

Here is a video of Moriah on our way home from DC... She's sitting on one of the beds in our hotel room and looks sort of like a "bobble head" doll... =)

I pulled this outfit out of Moriah's closet today thinking, "It looks like it's still too big, but I'll try it on her anyway..." Well, obviously it's not too big at all! I love the style of it - with a romper underneath and then an "over dress" sort of thing on top with cute little ties at the sides. =)

Here she is looking out the window...

Cute in blue

A little concerned about her stability perhaps

Much better

Amazed at the world outside the window

Checking out her reflection

Keenan wanted to try on her hat, and then he pointed at her dress and said "I want to wear the pretty shirt too!" LOL

He has recently started making long "trains" out of all of his cars, trucks, trains, tractors, etc... I think it's pretty cool!

I had a very immature moment today (no, it probably wasn't the Only one, just the most memorable). We went to the Commissary this afternoon. Last time we were there, I noticed that they had some new, fun, "space ship" carts that two kids can sit in and they have steering wheels and stuff for the kids to "drive" with. Now that Moriah is sitting up, I thought it would be way fun (and cute) to try one of these out. I didn't say anything about it to Keenan before we got to the store, since he gets excited about stuff, and I didn't want him to be disappointed if there weren't any left (the store only has about five of them). When we had parked (surprisingly close to the door) and I saw one, I told him about it. We got out of the van, and were walking towards the door... and then I saw them. A couple with a little girl sitting on her dad's shoulders. My immediate thought was, "Don't take our cart!" As they got closer to the door (and "our" cart), I continued to plead inwardly, "Please don't take our cart, pleease don't take it!" Aahh.. there seemed to be hope. The mom and dad weren't even looking at it and were on a straight course for the door... Then at the last minute (as they were passing it), the little tyke upstairs looked down and pointed, and bam, it was over. Gone. I was.... yes, I admit it, inwardly Furious! Hello! There was only one left, did it not occur to them to look around to see if anyone with More than ONE child would like to use the cool double cart!?! No, apparently not. We followed them inside, where they paused to wipe it down with a wipe while we chose our "totally not as cool Or comfortable for two kids" cart. The little girl was whining and the dad said, "Would you rather go in a regular cart?" I thought "YES! Say yes! There is still hope!" But no.. she insisted that she still wanted that cart. Crushed again. We continued on to do our shopping, and I was cranky about it the whole time we were in the store! (This would Never happen to my brother Andrew, he is the most positive person ever... sigh)
I'm sure it has crossed most (if not all) of Your minds by now, but it didn't occur to Me until I was half way home... "Hmmm... If I only had one child... would I never let them use the "cool" carts, just because I couldn't fill both seats? No, I guess I'd probably be in exactly the same spot as the people who got to the cart first." Bummer. Ugh. I hate it when I'm so shallow. =0/

Anyway, the up side of that was that it was Moriah's first time sitting in a grocery cart outside of her carseat, and she did great and seemed to love it!

She's growing up too fast!

When we got home from the Commissary, we pulled out the pool and spent some time in the water. It was the first time Moriah has been in the pool and able to support herself, and she had so much fun!

Keenan kickin' back with his (first) freezie

Fun with Freezies (Moriah's is not open)

I love how you can see Moriah's hand here, like she's trying to push him underwater!

Look at the smile on her face - he is her Hero!

Happy girl

Big laugh at Keenan

I love this one!

Since she enjoyed sharing Chloe's little puff snacks yesterday, I picked some up at the store today.

She couldn't get enough of them!

Very serious eater

Even uses two hands when necessary!

We sure love this little face!

Here's video of her enjoying her puffs (with some help from big brother), who has been calling me "Momom" for the past couple of days. =)

So, I could be wrong, but I think she's starting to look more like a girl now... The other day, our bug guy (a really nice 50 something man named Marvin) was here for his quarterly visit. Moriah was sitting in the high chair, wearing a pink and green flowered dress. He looked over at her and said, "It looked like he just waved at me! He really likes me!" I just smiled and sort of laughed. I wasn't offended or anything, I just didn't get how he had missed the dress! After he left, I wondered if I should have said something, since he's going to keep coming to our house, every three months, until we move... and is bound to realize at Some point that "he" is in fact a "she"! =)

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rachel said...

That blue outfit is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!! And the "bobble head" cute!

And after just 2.5 weeks of being a mom to a little girl, I have to say that you can dress them from head to toe in pink, including a pink blanket and it never fails that SOMEONE will ask " it a boy or a girl!" :-)