Monday, August 31, 2009

First load out!!

Operation Clean Sweep is actually happening, folks! Between giving stuff to friends, and carting some off to Goodwill, this is how much stuff left our house today (and this is only the beginning!)

Baby clothes, toys, paraphernalia, adult clothes, random stuff
(Man, did it ever feel good to get it all out!)

Moriah was given the world's cutest rainboots (by Aunt Patti, Angela and Bridget) when she was only a couple months old. I have been waiting and waiting for them to fit (not thinking that they'd fit Before she learned to walk!)

With these chubby little legs, the time is now or never!

Keenan had to go get Daddy's boots on and Moriah thought they were pretty awesome!

Why am I wearing boots in the house?


denise said...

oh, that made me a little sad! I saw the boys first tub, Quinton's favorite baby kick toy, and the little Nikes in there :) I'm such a sap, however, I know I was SOOO happy to get it out of my house and to yours! lol

Joia said...

Denise, don't worry, your special baby things are the ones that are going to friends! =)

The Mac's House said...

Those little boots are too cute but what makes them extra specially cute is those little chubby knees......

The Mac's House said...
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denise said...

YAY! Glad someone else can use it :) I'll tell you, at like 2 1/2 months old Quinton figured out that kick toy and WORE it out! At first I thought for sure he didn't know what he was doing, but as soon as it stopped rolling, he would kick it again. I called the company and they had to send me a new top part for it (for free, of course).