Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally caught up! Ontario pics from Aug 1-4

Whew! What a relief! Here are the remainder of the pictures from our time in Ontario with my family.

Saturday, August 1st

We spent the day at my Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora's lakeside cottage with my parents, Rob, Ada, Andrew, my grandparents, my cousin, Erin and her daughter, Emma, my Uncle John and Aunt Heather, and my cousins, Alex, Allyson and Lindsay.

Keenan sitting in the boat with Uncle Jim (getting used to the idea before they go for a ride)

Alex, Allyson and Lindsay were awesome with Keenan! They pretty much entertained him the whole day! He had soo much fun! I was especially glad that they took him swimming, since the water was Much too cold for this Florida girl! =)

Jumping off the dock with the kids

Alex lifting him back up

Another signature belly flop

All four of them jumping together

Looking for frogs with Alex

They found one!

Uncle Jim took all the kids for a ride in the boat

A great place for a nap on a nice afternoon

It was So great to get to see my grandparents there. They are getting up in years, and their health isn't so good anymore, so I never know if they'll make it to family functions or not. It was so precious seeing them with Moriah... =)

Aunt Nora holding Moriah so Grandma can see her

How sweet

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day

Grandma with a very sleepy Moriah

The new addition on the back of the cottage

This was one of the highlights of the day for me. A bunch of us were sitting around, looking through old (mostly black and white) pictures of my grandparents and the generations surrounding them. Grandpa came along, pulled up a chair, and proceeded to tell us (with almost 100% accuracy) who was in each picture, what the occasion was, and when the picture was taken! It was pretty amazing! I even got to choose a few favorites for myself!

Ada and Moriah (not sure what she's doing with the shoe!)

Aunt Heather bouncing Moriah

Keenan jumping on Grandpa

They had so much fun together!

Keenan Loved this little motorized four wheeler!

Have I mentioned before that corn on the cob is one of Keenan's most favorite foods in the whole world?? I love it too, and we actually had it Four times during the ten days that we were gone. At the cottage, Keenan ate THREE WHOLE cobs all by himself!

Four Generations

Generation of Hands =)

Sunday, August 2nd

My parent's hosted house church at their house, and I got to meet a lot of wonderful people I'd never met before. What an amazing group of people, sharing life and their journeys with Christ together!

Meeting in the great outdoors

It was a little chilly for Moriah

Keenan spent a lot of time in the grass, picking dandelions and filling these trucks

My parents house is surrounded on three sides with corn

Sitting on the woodpile

I love this one with the swing in the foreground

Happy boy, even after taking a tumble off the swing!

Mischievous smile

Keenan with a new friend for a walk

Andrew had a couple pairs of his stilts out. I used to be able to walk on them pretty well, so I thought I'd give it a try.... These ones are Really tall!

After getting onto them off the roof, trying to get myself going

One of my three successful steps before falling =)

Monday, August 3rd

My mom's (homegrown) garlic looked so pretty in the morning sun

Beautiful morning glories

A visit from my friend, Hannah

Keenan got to ride the mower with Grandpa!

...and drive! =)

That afternoon, my dad kept Keenan (he napped most of the time), while my mom and I went out for lunch at a quaint, pretty tea restaurant in the country.

My mom and some of the gardens

Pretty girl

This just might be the funniest picture of Moriah yet!
(Wearing my mom's glasses)

Our Lavendar lemonade

A cute three generation picture (if only Moriah was looking)

The pretty waterfall

My mom's tea

My best tea drinking pose

Mom and Moriah

We had dinner at Rob and Ada's that night. They are expecting their first baby in October and have a really pretty pram. I couldn't resist putting Moriah in it for a picture. =)


Daisy with Rob, Keenan and the dog in the background

Second tractor ride in one day!

Niki loving on Keenan

"Taking Uncle Rob for a ride"

A ride on the chopper bike with Grandpa =)

Moriah and a big bear friend

"I can fly!"
(Leaping off Rob and Ada's patio - it's taller than he is!)

Niki's thinking "Wow, I wouldn't jump off here!"

Boy and dog heading off into the sunset..

Tuesday, August 4th

My longtime friend, Janice, and her kids came over for a visit, so we headed to the park in town for a few hours...

Keenan riding the cool swing

On the bouncy ride with Rose

Moriah swinging

Snack time

Janice with Rose, Benjamin and Kathrine

Keenan put on some work gloves and Uncle Andrew's hat

This picture was from the last batch - but I like it, so I added it anyway
(From Rebekah's birthday celebration)

...and another cute one of my boy =)

Today has pretty much consisted of packing and getting ready for an early start in the morning. Philip had a half day and then came home and packed the van. Now the three of them are napping while I get caught up on here! We had considered going out to see some more stuff, but decided that it would be smarter to chill here and relax before hitting the road for another two days! (Not sure if I'll be able to blog tomorrow or have to wait until we get home on Sunday).


rachel said...

Keenan is quite the little fish! That's awesome!!

The Woodford's said...

Loved all the pic's, Joia - thanks for posting and updating. Wish we could have joined in on the fun while you were there! Love ya,

The Mac's House said...

I smiled when I saw the pic of your Grandpa describing those pictures. Treasure that moment, having just buried my 100 year old Grandmother who would do the same with each pic that I would hold up that is a memory I treasure and will definitely miss her sharp as a tack mind.

Flakymn said...

Those stilts scared me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had a really fun vacation! I can't believe how much of it we missed :( Oh well. It was AWESOME having you home, and I really enjoyed our chats and my cuddle time with my niece and nephew!
Have a safe drive home! We'll be praying for you,
Love Rebekah

Mom W. said...

Good choices Joia, and what a great week, come again sometime!! Praying for your trip home.

Anonymous said...

Joia or Mom W. --- where is the place you went for lunch? It looks so lovely!! Is it close to Norwich?

Jessica said...

I love the picture of your mom and Moriah at the cute lunch restaurant. Your mom's hair is all wind blown and beautiful. :) Great pictures! Love and miss you guys! Jessica

Hannah said...

Nice pics Joia! I may steal the pose of Moriah and I. Cute pic.