Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A FEW pictures...

I finally have the computer back, so I'm going to throw a couple pictures on here, just so you know that we all still look the same! =)

I have 375 pictures on the camera right now (and that's not even from as far back as I have pictures from), so obviously I can't do anywhere close to all of them right now.

The kids are napping, so I've used the time to get the van cleaned out and most of our stuff packed up so I can pack the van this evening when we get back from dinner at Mark and Rebekah's.

I chose these few particular pictures because they don't require stories to go with them. I will still be posting about all the things we have done, places we've gone and people we've seen, and those pictures will go with the stories. =)

Wearing Grandma's glasses (upside down)

Matching outfits! =)

Trying on Maddy's adorable headband

At a park in Port Huron

At the cottage (he was actually in time out at the time, but he looked so cute I had to take a picture!)

Can't wait to be back in DC with Philip tomorrow night! I will likely not post again until then. Please pray that we will have safe and enjoyable travels tomorrow!

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