Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fabulous Fondue!

Our Ladies Night at the Melting Pot last night was a smashing success!


There were 12 women in all, and the wifia, and our friend, Robyn were all at one end of the table together. It was a great evening filled with fantastic food (obviously), lots of laughs, good conversation, and a chance to relax without kids and catch up after a busy summer! Just what we all needed!

Robyn, Wendi, Jodi

Sarah (who just announced she's pregnant!), Andrea and I

All twelve of us!
(Kara, the birthday girl, is on the left, next to Jodi)

The amazing desserts to dip in the chocolate fondue

Keenan was a bit of a pill at home, and Moriah wouldn't eat, so it wasn't a very enjoyable evening for Philip, but I sure appreciate him watching the kids so I could have such a great evening out!

Some pictures from yesterday:

Keenan recently decided he LOVES to wash dishes! I let him help with non breakable stuff, and have even taken clean stuff out of the cupboard a couple times to give him more to wash because he doesn't want to stop! (The towel is to keep him from getting drenched) =)

My big helper
(Now, if he would be this excited about it when he's 13...)

The missing play dough Did eventually turn up!

We opened up a puzzle box of Keenan's, and there it was, jammed in the bottom left corner!
(So relieved that it wasn't squished in the couch, or ending up in the washing machine or something!)


Brittny said...

SHUT UP!!!! I'm going to have to call Sarah! And I'm totally digging the towel idea. He's adorable!! And let me know if you figure out how to handle the whole "acting like a pill" thing b/c Christopher has been one so long lately that even Sophie is picking up on it!

Rachel and Hans said...

I have always wanted to try the Melting Pot! Now you have me convinced that Hans needs to take me to Minneapolis to that restaurant!