Monday, August 17, 2009

Eight Months =)

Yo, yo, yo, Mo' here - I'm EIGHT months old today! Woohoo!

(If you haven't read Mommy's other posts from today, you might want to scroll down and do that...)

So, back to me... A few fun facts about myself:

I'm weighing in at just about 18 pounds these days
I'm starting to like foods other than milk. I Love Arrowroot biscuits and sweet corn puffs, and pears, peaches and sweet potatoes aren't so bad either..
I'm still waking Mommy up about three times each night (hee hee). I know that she forgives me because I'm just too cute to be mad at!
Keenan is my hero! He's my favorite person Ever! He's pretty cool most of the time, except when he drops stuff on my head or knocks me over accidentally... Sometimes he doesn't share the "cool" toys very well either, but overall, we're pretty tight.
I don't have much hair yet, but I'm not too worried about it, I think it's overrated.
I also don't have any teeth yet. Mommy says she's glad I don't, and that if I did, I might be weaned already, what's that supposed to mean?

Here's some pictures of my cute self:

In my new room!

Standing in my bed

Mommy thinks this outfit is adorable, but it sure wasn't any fun getting in or out of!

Chillin' in the rocker in my room

Gotta go, Daddy's home! =)


The Mac's House said...

I love the color. All the projects look like they were fun to make too. Great job!

Jessica said...

So adorable. I cannot believe she is 8 months already. I have said it a thousand times, but I can't stop-you are the absolute best at picture captions and storytelling from others' perspectives! Love you! Jessica