Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy day

We had quite a bit going on today.

I had a MOPS steering meeting this morning. Since I joined the leadership team part way through the year last year, I had never been to the "Kick off the new year, wow there's a million things to cover" meeting before. Let's just say it was a teensy bit overwhelming! =) I'm doing a new job this year, Hospitality Coordinator, and am still figuring out a lot of details about that, so my head felt like it was going to explode at the end of the meeting! It was a really fun time though, and the rest of the people on the team are Fantastic! I'm going to have lots of fun brainstorming ideas to make the atmosphere of the meetings fun, come up with creative decorations and tie that all in to the "Planet Mom" theme.

Immediately following the meeting, we met up with most of the wifia, and our friend Brittny and her kids at McDonald's for lunch. Keenan had a great time playing in the play place with his friends, and I had a great time catching up with my girl friends that I hadn't seen in over a month!

When we came home, it was thunderstorming (perfect nap weather, in my opinion), the kids both went down super well, and I laid down for my own sweet nap... Well - it was not to be. Why? Did one of the kids wake up? Was the thunder too loud? Did the phone ring? No. no. no. I was lying there, and started thinking back over the MOPS meeting, and then my mind just took off, and I started thinking of all these fun things I could do with the theme, and I COULD NOT sleep, so, instead, I got up and made a list of all my ideas, and then looked around the house for things I could use to help me out. Pathetic. I have a problem. I don't know what it's called, but I really wish I could find a cure! My body Desperately needs sleep, but when my mind starts to do it's own thing, no matter How tired I am, I just can't get to sleep! Does anyone else have this problem??

Philip and the kids being goofy last night
(Keenan doesn't look very happy here, but he loved it!)

They're so big on Moriah! =)

Flying the spaceship with Jonathan at McDonald's

Our big girl
(Check out the adorable "Baby Sketchers" we were given!)

Brittny, Andrea, Elijah, Chloe, Wendi, Isaac, Jonathan, Jodi, Moriah, Tiffany

Moriah and Elijah chillin'

Standing up! No, she didn't pull herself up (and notice I'm right there in case she falls), but she likes stand up if you put her by something she can hang onto.

How cute are these shoes!? Another pass down from you Jen, right?


The Mac's House said...

Boy I totally know what you mean by your mind going somewhere and taking off on you. That happens to me all the time, mostly at night when I know I should be sleeping but there are a million things in "my" mind that it thinks I "must" take care of right then and there or like you an idea that just can't be pushed out of my head. You're not alone! Does that help knowing you're not alone? It does me, my husband thinks that I'm odd for having this "issue" of mine. :)

The kids are adorable. Love the little shoes. They sure grow up fast don't they?

What a wonderful organization MOPS is, they are lucky to have you aboard with all your creativeness.

The Mac's House said...
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Jessica said...

Sleep?!? I could count on one hand the number of naps I have been able to take since I had Reagan 4.5years ago! I am always impressed when I read that you have taken a nap. My mind goes and goes and goes and it is pointless to even try anymore! You are not alone. :) Our MOPS starts this Monday. I am so excited. I, for one, am Not on the steering team this year for the first time since I joined 5 years ago. I am excited to go enjoy the meeting without responsibility! :) Love you! Jessica

Vanessa S said...

We are lucky to have you! Hang in there, Joia. I promise it will get better AND easier. I'm confident we're going to have another great year. Most things will fall into place and God will take care of the rest. One thing though, where did you get those star glasses?!?! Those would be perfect for our 1st meeting skit! Do you have nine pairs? ha!

Jen said...

As stated above, we're so lucky to have you on the MOPS steering team again this year. You're not only creative, but incredibly funny.

To answer your question, the Sketchers were Gabby's, but I don't recall the other pair... very cute though!