Monday, August 10, 2009

Back into the swing of things

Though the day got a later start than I planned, because I was just so exhausted, we finally did get out the door and managed to get quite a lot done before noon! We picked up our (huge bin) of accumulated mail at the post office, got gas, bought groceries, got lunch at Sonic (home sweet home), went through the car wash (which wasn't scary for Keenan) and vacuumed out the van. Then we came home, the kids went down for naps, I did some laundry, made chocolate bark for the world's best neighbors and got in a nap myself before we headed over to visit Myrtle.

She was thrilled to see us and served up some of her excellent iced tea and cookies, and even had some fun gifts for the kids! She took great care of our plants that I had taken over before we left, and they grew so much!

She sure put the lovin' on the Moriah! =)

Keenan enjoying his tea (she always gives it to him in a nonbreakable cup, with a straw, so cute)

Check out this gorgeous butterfly in her garden!

Keenan's awesome "Larry Mobile" with a removable Larry Boy! He LOVES it!

Moriah's new teething ring

It's good to be home, and was so nice to sleep in our own bed last night!

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