Sunday, August 9, 2009

Adventures in (our) Odyssey

We're home! We arrived back here to our "big house" (as Keenan calls it, in comparison to "the little house" where we stayed in Bethesda) at 2:52 this afternoon. Myrtle immediately came over to welcome us home with big hugs, telling us how she missed us so much! =) She and our neighbor, Phil, took great care of the house, started Philip's car up regularly, and Phil even cut our grass before we came home! How awesome are they?? (I think some Oreo chocolate bark may be in order...)

Here are some numbers from our past month on (and off) the road:

1 Garmin nuvi (I could write a whole post about how awesome this was to have!)
2 Countries
3 Grandparents (and 3 Great-Grandparents!)
4 International border crossings
5 Visits to Tim Hortons
6 Separate beds (for me)
7 Movies in the van (Keenan wanted these ones over and over)
8 Days that we rode the Metro
9 The floor we stayed on at The Whitney
10 States and a Province (plus D.C.)

Additional trip stats thanks to the aforementioned Nuvi:
Total distance covered - 4383 miles (7013 km) This included driving in D.C., etc..
Total time in the van - 111 hrs and 48 minutes (23 hrs and 6 minutes of that at a complete stop, gotta love traffic lights and traffic jams)
Average speed when moving - 49.4 miles/hour (79.0 km/h)

To put this average in perspective, it was 71.8 mph after the first 950 miles, before hitting northern Virginia and especially the DC Beltway. Less than 100 miles later it had dropped to 68.2 when we made it to The Whitney. It was 46.1 when we left Bethesda but I don't know how far it dropped before we got to Richmond and out of the stop and go.

Here's a few pictures from the last two days on the road:

Our big "sitting up" girl at the hotel (she Loves Keenan's cup!)
I can't believe how much better she is at sitting up than in a similar picture I took of her at our hotel on the way To DC!

The boys checking out a huge grader that was parked near one of our gas stops

Philip "cheating on the GPS"

Cheeky passenger

Keenan on a stump at our lunch stop

Moriah playing with the Subway bag

Mmmm... Blizzards and then off to bed. =)


Anonymous said...

I love the title of your post! Very cute!
Have fun sleeping in your own bed:)
Love Rebekah

Jessica said...

You are so witty Joia. Imagine all of that without the Odyssey! How nice to have such a great vehicle to travel in!! :) Glad you are home safely. Love you, Jessica

Anonymous said...

That would be huge "grader."

Joia said...

Thanks, anonymous!