Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Worn out Wednesday

Worn out. That's me. Moriah thinks sleeping through the night is silly. I don't. Getting up every 45 minutes or an hour is silly.

So... since I found myself extremely tired this morning (after spending a Very disrupted night on the couch with Moriah), we didn't do anything too exciting away from the house today.

Keenan out on our balcony

After going to the Commissary we walked to a park a few blocks away,but when we got there, it was completely packed with kids from some summer camp, so we headed back and hit the pool instead.

Keenan watching (staring at) some other swimmers

Man, he's cute

He floats on his back by himself now!

I love these pictures of Philip and Moriah together after dinner

She's so ticklish! =)

I am in Love with this picture!

...and this one =)

I jumped in for one too
Well, I'm off to enjoy some ice cream and then head to bed, hoping to make some ground with Moriah's sleep habits tonight...

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Flakymn said...

Moriah, you sleep well tonight chicky! Your mom is one good mom and she deserves sleep! I know you can do it. (And I'll be praying that she can.)