Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're Here!!

We arrived here at our "new home for the next month" a little after 4:00 (after picking up some groceries at the Commissary). The apartment is great, and should work well for our little family!
I wasn't going to take time to post pictures tonight since it's already so late, we're still getting settled in, and we're exhausted, but Philip just told me he'll be taking the laptop with him tomorrow, so I decided I'd better go ahead and put them up now...

Keenan stringing beads (thanks to whoever suggested this!) He loved it and it kept him busy for quite a while!

Sleeping beauty

Our sleeping little prince

...and Me. Thanks to Philip's AMAZING packing skills, we were able to leave the backseat open to sleep on!

Still pretty happy, even though strapped in for so long!

Intent on his movie

Handsome driver

While watching "Bob the Builder", I heard Keenan say "Oh!"
I looked back and he was hiding behind his book like this! =)

Just wanted to show you what vehicle Philip chose for himself on the Garmin... a fighter jet!

Last Sonic stop!

Strawberry Limeade Chiller... mmmmm

Getting desperate, I found that if I put her bunny up where she could barely reach it, she would entertain herself for a while until she pulled it down..

Sitting up on the hotel bed last night
(I think she'll be a pro at this when we get home!)

Keenan just chillin' after his shower this morning =)

Sign in Bethesda that cracked me up... we're not in Florida anymore!
A few pictures from where we're staying...
My cute little kitchen

Living room

Another view


Silly picture of Moriah's onesie partially on =)


Anonymous said...

NICE apartment!! You'll get a chance to enjoy my kind of kitchen now ;)


Flakymn said...

Okay Joia, a few questions:

1. Who took that picture of you sleeping?! The car is moving?

2. Did you guys get a 2 bedroom? Either way it looks like you have a living room that you could put a kid in? How are you handling sleeping arrangements?

Brittny said...

I was going to ask the same question, who took the photo while you were sleeping? I'm picturing Moriah sneaking out of her seat and snapping a quick pic before daddy realizes his daughter's spy-like skills. That place you are staying looks super nice! Now I don't feel quite so bad. The place we stayed wasn't nearly as nice! But it was here, not there.

Mom W. said...

So glad you arrived safely and have such a nice little nest in which to stay until you come here..... can't wait!!! Kisses to all.

Becky said...

Yeah! So glad you guys arrived safely. We can't wait to see you guys. Give me a call as soon as you can and we will set up a time for dinner this week. The apartment is very nice! Does it have a pool?

Mom E said...

So glad you arrived safely; have been praying for you guys. The place looks really nice too. I just loved the "chillin" picture of Keenan! He is so photogenic. Of course I love the pictures of the rest of you too, it's just that one cracked me up! And I suspect the sleeping one of you was staged and you weren't Really asleep? :-)

Give hugs to everyone for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joia,

Just wondering what version of the Garmin Nuvi GPS system you guys have and what you think of it? I am looking at getting a GPS and have been looking at a few different options. Any help you could give would be great! Thanks!