Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Travels and DC pictures

It's actually starting to feel a little like home here. Last night was the first night on this trip that we've all got good sleep. That goes a long way in making things better. =)

The kids and I explored the area a bit on foot today. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that despite it's skyscrapers and concrete jungle appearance, Bethesda actually has a lot of very pretty courtyards, shady trees, sparkling fountains and Gorgeous flowers! We found several open grassy areas where Keenan could run at will. What a nice surprise!

After we picked Philip up, we found a playground to let Keenan burn off some energy. It was in the middle of a Gorgeous, tree lined neighborhood with beautiful, character filled homes. I'm mostly in love with their lush, green, soft lawns! =)

The park was a huge hit, and Keenan got to ride a merry go round for the first time. Philip and I both said that we hadn't seen one of them in forever! I guess maybe they aren't "safe" enough to measure up to new standards. I used to Love them as a kid, and now, just watching it makes me a little sick. (Has anyone else had this sort of thing happen to them as they got older?)

An interesting observation I made at the park: Other than one other woman who was there with her son, I was the only woman at the park with my Own children. The other nine women there were ALL nannies! I guess that is quite common in this area... both spouses needing to work to support the lifestyle they've chosen. (Remember the Huge, gorgeous houses I mentioned?) It was still very bizarre though, especially since about four of them just stayed sitting at picnic tables the whole time, chatting, eating, talking on cell phones etc, while they're little "charges" ran around pulling on other kids clothes and pushing them around. =0/
These first pictures are from our morning walk...
Keenan and our first "fountain find"

One a fun bridge

Another cool fountain

...the biggest one =)
At the park...

Moriah lovin' the swing

The boys on the teeter totter
Keenan giving Daddy a ride
Moriah tried it out too =)


Just the girls
Pictures from our first trip into DC...
(I have to say, I Really miss my easy photo program at home, and think that these are a little "sub-optimal" without cropping)... =0/
Fun shot of the Washington Monument

Pretty view of the Jefferson Memorial
Us and the Washington Monument

Pacific Side of the WW2 Memorial

Philip and the kids on the Atlantic side

Michigan born boys

So pretty...

Our little Florida girl =)

Moriah and the pretty road between the WW2 Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial

Me with my country at the Korean War Memorial

Korean War

Keenan exiting the memorial

An attempt at a family picture in front of the Lincoln Memorial

My favorite part so far

He's huge!

Reflection shot of the Washington Monument

Philip and the kids with the monument

Philip had the (good) idea to get one showing the Capitol as well

My boys checking out the view from the top of the memorial

Where's Waldo (Philip and Keenan)?

The Vietnam Memorial

Keenan "showing Moriah some love"

I had cropped the garbage can out of this, but it must not have saved... =0/

I thought Keenan was cute, taking a break on this bench by himself

A drive by shot of The Capitol at dusk


A Day In the Life . . . said...

OMG! Brings back such fond memories of our trip to DC - its such a great place! Glad u guys have time to go on holiday!

Mom E said...

I found them in the "Where's Waldo" photo [in the middle on the steps!] lol. Yeah, pretty sad about all the "nannies", eh? And yes, I love the grass up there! Loved all the photos and thought Keenan sitting in the space at the top of the Michigan column was adorable.
Oh yes, I used to love to ride on the merry go round and tilt-a-whirl type rides; uh uh, no more!
Great idea to get the capitol bldg in with the Washington monument. Seeing all this brings back so many memories. So glad you are all having fun.

A Day In the Life . . . said...

Don't worry, Phillip will have his pilots license soon enough I suspect. . . :-)
It's sad we missed you guys by like 2 days. DC was just 30 miles from Baltimore. Oh well . .

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. the one of the Korean war is really neat.

Mom W. said...

Looks great... glad you are getting better sleep. Sure does help, I remember.

mamunaco said...

I have been surprised to find a few things that I loved as a kid that make me sick to my stomach. Probably the saddest one is swinging! :( I used to LOVE to swing and now if I get too high it makes me sick.

I LOVE the picture of Keenan by the big fountain - a very cool shot!

I also LOVE the picture of Moriah in the stroller with the tree lined road in front of them.

My other favorite is the picture of Philip and Keenan at sunset - so precious!

I bet it was a very interesting experience to be at the park with a bunch of nannies. Talk about a different kind of life! Even when the days are hard - as they often can be - I still think I would choose this life hands down!!!

Love you! Melissa

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, I want to leave right now and drive there so badly! How beautiful. You are an amazing photographer. Love how Phil even has a striped shirt in the waldo pic. Nice touch. lol!! Love, Jessica
P.S. I might go to the beach tomorrow (alone!) so I will try to call you then.

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