Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Toss Together

This post has no real theme... it's just a collection of happenings, pictures and random stuff...

Yesterday afternoon Keenan and I made banana bread, yum! You know what I think is so awesome about banana bread? You can take something gross (nasty, overripe, squishy bananas) and make something that tastes sooo good! How cool is that? =)

Keenan mixing the bananas with his own special spoon

For randoms sake, here's what we had for dinner. Some chopped veggies, rice, marinated pork...

Pretty tasty stir fry!

Moriah funny - Last night, Moriah was in her Jolly Jumper in the office doorway. Philip was on the computer and I was reading on the futon. I looked up at her and noticed that there was some spit up on her chin. I got up to wipe it off, when I noticed that she had somehow spit up (quite a bit) on the floor, without getting any on herself. She was still jumping, and slipping and sliding around in her spit up... all the while laughing her head off! =)

This morning Sarah and Della took Keenan to story time while Moriah napped and I got a few things done around the house. It was awesome! Then they hung out with us for a while before Keenan started really acting like he needed a nap.

Cute crop of my curly boy

I was rocking Moriah and singing to her, so Keenan went and got a doll, wrapped it in his blanket, and walked around singing "Rock a bye, Dolly..." So cute! =)

Doing one of her favorite things... putting something in her mouth!

Disturbing discovery - Keenan put a paper in the shredder this morning and turned it on all by himself! Fortunately the paper wasn't too important, and his fingers can't fit in the shredder, But, I still unplugged it to make sure that this doesn't happen again!

Keenan is officially into the "Why?" stage now... Funny most of the time, but annoying sometimes. =)

Trip plans... the countdown is on now, just a few days before we pack up and make the 17 hour drive to DC! While we're not looking forward to that much time spent in the van, we are pretty excited about going. I am especially looking forward to it, since I've never been before! This trip will have two "Trips within a trip" for me. I'll be spending the first two weeks in DC with Philip, and at some point during this time, my younger brother, Andrew will join us for a bit. Then he and I (and the kids, of course), will make the 9+ hour drive up to my parent's house in Ontario. I'll spend about ten days there. In the middle of that time, I'll be driving to MI for a day or two, and then Andrew (how awesome is he?) will drive Back to DC with me, and fly home from there. The Canada trip will add a lot more driving and craziness to the month, but I just couldn't stand the thought that my family wouldn't see our kids again until Christmas. =0/ A few days after I return, Philip and I head back here.

Oh, by the way, if anyone has ideas on how to keep a toddler entertained during travel, please share! =) We're taking lots of DVD's toys and books, but are open to any suggestions!


Rabens Family said...

Good luck on the long drive. We will be praying for you guys. If you need a place to stop feel free to stop by and stay with us. The girls really enjoy drawing in the car. The Color Wonder markers work well since they don't color on anything but the paper. We always have tons of books and music to listen to and sing along with. Snacks are always a good way to pass the time too. :)

Stephanie said...

We just returned from a 16 hour trip and I would hand my 2 year old a flash card, we would talk about the picture on the card, and then she would put it in a baggie. Sometimes she would look at the card for a bit. Then I would hand her another one. When we got to one that had the same picture as one we already did, I had her look for the "match" in her bag. With 50 cards, this went on much longer than I thought it would! She likes sorting stuff, though, so the one at a time thing worked for her.

I also brought some paper and just gave her a sheet of stickers - that passed the time well, too. The puffy stickers were a big hit, and they took up even more time because it would take her awhile to get the paper off the back so she could stick it somewhere.

Good luck!!

Joia said...

Thanks, Brittney, I think you will see us one way or the other during the next month... =)

Thanks for the suggestions, Stephanie! I will Definitely give these a try! =)

denise said...

stickers, books, color wonder, dvds, music, snacks, pipe cleaners, sewing cards, aluminum foil art, and a roll of masking tape. yes, I am serious about the last one. it is AMAZING what kids can do and make with a roll of tape! Oh, they have sets of foam stickers at Dollar Tree (ours was on an end cap). They also have there a set of making a necklace with foam shapes and it comes with the plastic string and a plastic needle. My boys LOVE stringing stuff and it takes a long time to do it.

Mom W. said...

Of course if he knows his colors you can have him look for things (trucks) or different colors etc etc. I guess he is a little too young for "I spy" or for all the things old mother Hubbard can fit in her pocket = ).

Can't wait to see you, praying your trip goes well.

Brittny said...

we started playing "i spy" with christopher in the car. an easier version obviously, b/c you are moving and he's only 3, so you have to pick big objects they will see easily and far enough ahead of you that you won't pass it before he finds it. and of course, there's always, "i spy a tanker truck!" that usually gets him really excited! have a great trip!

rachel said...

That stir-fry looks good! It is getting closer to harvest time here in MN and we'll have lots of yummy farm veggies to choose from...I'll have to keep the stir-fry idea in mind!