Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Travels without Philip

Our day of travel went pretty well yesterday. I was soooo glad Andrew was with us, or we might not be here Yet! He did most of the driving while I entertained the kids. We had a fun lunch stop at a beautiful park with a playground, a dam, a bridge, and really clean bathrooms! What a find! Other than a couple little traffic jams, one missed turn, and a detour due to a closed highway, things went pretty smoothly. We arrived here at my parent's house at about 6:30, just in time for some of my mom's great home cooking! =) (Amazingly, I took no pictures on the trip).

After dinner, my dad went to do chores for some friends who are away on vacation and asked Keenan if he'd like to come see the cows and chickens and pigs. I knew he would Love it, so I left Moriah with my mom, and the three of us set off for the farm.

My camera batteries were dead and hadn't yet unpacked new ones, so I borrowed Andrew's camera. The following pictures aren't great because I had problems with the focus or something, but they do a good enough job of showing what we did and how much fun Keenan had being a "farm boy!"

Keenan and the dog became immediate friends!

"Hey cow!"

"Hey nodder cow!"

Helping Grandpa gather the eggs
(He Loved this!)

Finding some more

A few of the laying Ladies

Keenan with the eggs they gathered

The bull looking in the door at us =)

Grandpa lifting Keenan up into the haymow to feed the cats

Pretending to drive the tractor

Walking back to see the pond

Still, not super clear, I just really like this picture of my dad =)

Fuzzy but cute
Beside the pretty pond

Keenan and I on the old railway line
(Like my boots?)

Keenan's expression is a little freaky, but this was to show his dirty legs!

He got tired, so Grandpa carried him back the rest of the way
(I think this one is really sweet)

"Helping" Grandpa take the bucket of eggs in to Grandma when we got home

Moriah was quite entertaining while we were gone and then fell asleep on Grandma

Yum! Ice cream!


The Woodford's said...

I love the pic's of Keenan and Grandpa on the farm - so sweet!! Glad you had a good trip - miss y'all! =)

Anonymous said...

loved the pics too - I can't believe you are home!!! Enjoy!!

Flakymn said...

Joia, I love this post. Somehow these pictures made me miss home ... and I obviously didn't grow up on a farm. It's hard being away from home sometimes ...

Question: how many hours was the drive for you?

Joia said...

Wendi, including stops it took about 10.5 hours

Hannah said...

Welcome home Joia!!!!

Jessica said...

I am so happy for you guys to be able to see your family. Especially for Keenan to see Grandma and Grandpa. I love the pics of Keenan and your dad together. How sweet!!! BTW, I am assuming your battery died when we were talking the other day. Short story, I wanted to go to the cottage b/c my dad's family has not seen the kids in such a long time and I know they are going to have a blast with all those older cousins! :) sorry for the novel. Love ya!

Blackman Blog said...

LOVE these! Reminds me of my treasured times and photos of my chidren on my grandparent's farm in GA. Looks like y'all are having a great time! :)