Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things I Love Right Now..

* GPS - Philip bought this just prior to our trip. (I detest maps, and I think he figured if he sent me off on a trip to Canada from here without him, I'd get lost and he'd never see me again). =)
Anyway, the GPS has been great to use around here, when we're traveling during the day without Philip. We set out to go to the Commissary today. I missed the first left "Lola" (that's the name I chose for her, I think that's the name of the GPS voice in that Robin Williams RV movie) told me to take, so she immediatley rerouted me a few streets later. While we were driving, I noticed a big green area on the GPS screen (usually showing where there is a park), so I veered from her direction to go check it out. Bummer, it turned out to be a golf course. So.. Lola steered me back in the right direction. A few minutes later, I Did find a nice playground just off of the path she was taking us on. After we played, we continued on the way that she told us and arrived safely at the Commissary! I actually feel like I could get Anywhere on my own with this thing! (Not an attainable feet for this directionally challenged girl prior to my husband's wise purchase).

* The pool here (Duh!)

* When both kids take two hour naps (at the same time!)

* Weekly housekeeping - I found out today that we have a cleaning lady coming every Thursday to clean the kitchen and bathroom, swap out our towels, strip and remake the bed, dust, etc... Pretty cool! However.... is it just me, or is it a little unprofessional to come back to your apartment and find the cleaning lady having lunch in your kitchen?? Weird..

* Baby dills (this is random, I just don't usually keep these on hand, and I decided to buy a jar of them today, and they ROCK!)

* Great deals at the Commissary - While I don't Enjoy shopping at the Commissary (here or at home.. I think they're all the same - they just have kind of a dreary, dark feeling to them), I Do love when we get great deals! The deal of the week? An 18 pack of Sprite for $2.95!

Here are a couple pictures from the fun park (it had two, two story tunnel slides!)

Conductor Dooley

Cool dude on his motorcycle

Moriah in one of the tunnels

Keenan taking his little sis for a ride in his sidecar =)


Rabens Family said...

I love my GPS too. It has made moving to Virginia much easier. I love baby dills too. I might have to get some at the Comissary this week. I wish I had a cleaning lady coming once a week, but I am glad she isn't eating lunch in my kitchen. That is too weird. Enjoy your time in DC. You are reminding me how much I enjoyed our years in DC.

Flakymn said...

Wow Joia, I love your posts. I feel so "not alone" in my feelings.

1. I also hate the commissary. I just feel depressed there. What can we do about this?

2. I am pretty stinkin directionally challenged myself. Although on a few trips with JB, I forced myself to be the navigator and have gotten better.

3. At first when I read about the cleaning lady eating lunch, I, too, thought it weird. But then, as I thought about it, where else can she heat up her lunch? Maybe she just eats in whatever house she is at at noon. But having a housecleaner. That's like my dream come true.

4. Having a pool nearby would be AWESOME.

5. Sorry, i don't like pickles. Not even when I was pregnant.

Anonymous said...


We too just purchased a re-furbished GPS and I love it, except when it takes you through traffic when there are other ways to go around and then keeps telling you to do a U turn in the middle of the street.

And I have to say that after being a cleaning lady for the past 10 years it is NOT professional at all to eat in the kitchen you are cleaning!!! I couldn't believe when I read that - especially where you are staying!!!! I rarely did that and if I did it was at someone's home that I specifically asked before hand - wow!

And I HAVE to say you look amazing - that sounds random but you really do!

Laura :)

Mom W. said...

I love the picture of Keenan in his motorcycle with Moriah in the side car. So cute.

It does seem odd that the cleaning lady was eating in your kitchen. Do you mean actually Using the kitchen or eating her sandwich in that location?? Maybe she is so used to cleaning those apartments that they seem like home.

We went to see Sound of Music last night and it was amazing!!! - loved it, but funny thing, we had baby dills to eat with our meat and buns on the way!!! They were really baby baby dills. Wish I could grow cucs and still make my own... See you in a week and a half...