Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking it's toll...

The travel that is, the bopping from here to there, packing up, driving, driving, driving, unpacking, moving in, sleeping in different beds (since leaving home, we've slept in four different places, tonight will be our fifth), packing up again and going somewhere else. The kids have been fantastic, but I think it's starting to take it's toll on them. In the past four days, we've spent about 15 hours in the car. I'm really looking forward to being back in Canada for a solid five nights, four days in the same place.

All that being said - we have had some Great visits with wonderful people that we wouldn't have got to see or spend time with without all the driving and moving, so it Has been worth it!

This morning Aunt Mary watched the kids (which was a Huge help) while I took our van to an autoglass shop to have a chip in the windshield (aquired on this trip) fixed before it cracked and spread. Thankfully it was totally covered by our insurance. (Is it bad that I really enjoyed sitting there in the boring, brown, waiting area at the shop, reading a magazine, just because it was the first time I'd been all by myself in over a month?)

Next, I packed up the van and we hit the road to see my close friend, Melissa. Keeenan took a two and a half hour nap at her house, which was awesome for him, and worked out great for me, since I was actually able to visit with Melissa without constantly watching him. It was fun to get to see Moriah and baby Maddy interact and check each other out. Melissa's mom, Elizabeth, who is also a wonderful friend stopped by, since we hadn't seen each other since December of 2007!

Next, we came to Troy to Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary's house. Dan is also staying here, so Keenan was delighted to get to spend some more time with Grandpa. He played cars with Keenan and Moriah while I unpacked the van and got all our stuff moved in and organized - what a blessing!

This evening we met up with a bunch more family at a birthday party for Philip's cousin, Bridget. Keenan had a great time, playing with more cars, eating pizza, cake and ice cream (which Uncle Ty convinced him to smear all over his Michigan shirt), and playing football with Davis!

We left the party earlier than most, so I could get the kids home, in the bath and off to bed. It is already later than I should be up, so I'm going to cut this short and head to bed, since we have another very busy day tomorrow and the drive back to Ontario.

I will post a picture update hopefully on Sunday, when I'm back to a familiar computer. =)


Anonymous said...

thats so exciting that you are going to be back in canada!
let me know when youa re here so i can meet moriah. Hope to see you sometime!

grriffins said...

FYI: There should be NO GUILT associated with enjoying time without the kids... anyone who tells you otherwise obviously doesn't have kids or is perfect and therefor shouldn't be listened to anyway because they are abnormal. :)

From, A guilt-free Mom

Mom E said...

I agree...No Guilt. After I had Isaac, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed going to my chiropractor's office, because I knew it was going to be a long wait and I could read a book uninterrupted! You are an amazing mom and wife and you deserve the break. Hugs to your mom and dad for me and have fun in
C-eh-N-eh-D-eh. ;-)

p.s. which Aunt Mary babysat?

Joia said...

Kristin - will do!

Liz - thanks, it's good to know I'm not the only one!

Mom - Aunt Mary P