Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Final Fun Before Pack Up...

We needed a little lower key day after yesterday and before Andrew and I hit the road tomorrow, so we headed out late morning to go disc golfing. It was a beautiful, hilly, shady, grassy course. It wasn't stroller compatible, so I wore Moriah in the front pack. That didn't prove to improve my throw at all, so I only played a few holes, before deciding to just enjoy the walk and take pictures. =)

Three handsome men!

A new little disc golf lover!

Keenan needed three discs of his own =)

Philip just threw (his white disc is in the air to the left of Andrew, and Andrew is getting ready to throw)

Down one of the many steep grades

Philip's "teeing off face"

...and Andrew's =)

"Anybody home?"

Look at the cute

This was just begging to be photographed

Us girls

On a tiny little bridge

Tarzan-drew swinging on a big vine

Andrew's orange disc (to the right) zinging through the air

Helping Keenan balance on a log

... the big jump finale

Moriah holding onto Keenan's big leaf

Keenan "helping" Uncle Andrew

...and Daddy =)

I love this one

After disc golf we went home for lunch, the kids took some awesome naps, and I started packing. When the kids got up, we all headed down to the pool for a while before dinner.

Moriah watching us in the pool

Is Andrew sleeping?

Self shot of Daddy and Moriah

Uncle Andrew coming to "get" Keenan

I love Moriah's expression here!

Sweet girl with her Daddy
(These two have really got to be great buds on this trip.. it's so precious)

Her first taste of a freezie

Sucking on the wrong end!

Well, I should finish up my packing, and head to bed. Please pray that Andrew and I would have safe and happy travels with the kids tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be blogging tomorrow night or not, that will depend on our time of arrival at my parent's house.


The Woodford's said...

I love the "tee-ing off" faces on Philip and Andrew!! Very funny! =) Hope you guys have a super trip - wish we could be visiting with you! Love you lots!

Jessica said...

Love the pic from Moriah's chubby arm viewpoint. So cute! Also, love both tee-ing off faces. So glad my brother allows you to post himself looking silly. :) You are good for him. :) Love, Jessica
P.S. Have a great trip and awesome time with your family!!!!!!!!