Friday, July 17, 2009

She's Seven Months Old!?

I cannot believe another month has flown by in our baby girl's life! This was her first "month birthday" that we haven't been home for...

I think in just the past few weeks she has really turned into her own little character with quite the funny, engaging personality, and she has almost mastered sitting up entirely on her own now (she can do it for five or ten minutes at a time without falling over).

We did get out this evening and see the Arlington Cemetery as well as the Air Force Memorial, but I'll post those pictures tomorrow.

Here's Moriah's seven month pictures... sorry there's so many, I couldn't narrow it down any more!

I'm in LOVE with this cute hat we just got before this trip!
(Passed on from you, Jen?)

Our Smiley

"I have No idea how I got to be so cute!"

We love her so much!

She is already a Huge fan of her bunny, just like her big brother is with his..

...and then some more...

She totally couldn't sit up on her own for her six month picture and look at her now!

...and as always, a little lady =)

Handsome big brother joins her

...and tells her a secret

Happy dude

Laughing his head off

The silly face his friend, Tucker, taught him, LOL!

Keenan on our walk back from Smoothie King


rachel said...

Cute pics! I love that little red and orange dress she's wearing! Ahh...can't wait to have a little girl!! :-)

Anonymous said...

You have BEE-U-TIFUL children! I can't wait to see them! Happy monthiversary Moriah!
Love Auntie Bekah

Mom W. said...

Wow 7 months... growing up so fast... so cute... is she sleeping better now??

Mom E said...

Oh how I miss those grandkids! I can't believe she is 7 mos. old already, and sitting alone. The photos with the hat are adorable!