Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pool, Museum and Dinner

Yesterday morning we headed down to the pool so Philip could take Keenan for a swim (to ensure that he'd take a good nap before we headed out for the day). It was Philip's first time in the pool and it was a little cool for his liking, but he was a good sport, and Keenan had a blast with Daddy!

The dudes

The beauty

Watching the boys

Keenan Loves to be thrown!

In the afternoon, Becky and John watched Keenan so Philip and I could see the Holocaust Museum. We took Moriah because she was young enough not to be disturbed by it, and quiet enough (mostly) to not disturb others.
Becky said Keenan was well behaved (other than not napping until 5). She said that she and Keenan were sitting out in their sun room, and there were some glass candle holders on the table. Keenan said things like "Those are candles, their glass.. breakable... etc.." She said she never actually Told him to not touch them, but got the impression that he knew he wasn't supposed to. A minute later, in the middle of their conversation, he looked at her, leaned over and said, "I touched it, I touched it, I touched it", as he touched each one!! She said she couldn't help it and busted out laughing! What a kid...

We couldn't take any pictures inside, so this one above is all I have from the museum, but it was amazing... we really only made it through about half of it, so Philip will likely come back again while I'm gone. What a sobering experience.... I was reminded that it wasn't just an issue of "Hitler's Germans doing something terrible", no, when the Jews sought refuge in Many other countries, most of them were turned away... it was Everyone's fault, not just Germany's...

On the walk back to the Metro

It was quite the experience for Moriah... her first ride on an escalator, and her first trip on a subway!

Moriah and Daddy lookin' like they belong in the city

In the subway station
(The sign in the background says "L'Enfant Plaza"... I though that was funny)

The three of us on the train

Sleepy girl on Daddy

In the evening, we went to downtown Silver Spring with John and Becky to the Cheesecake Factory (our first time) for dinner.

Becky and John in the mall while we waited for our table
(Philip and Keenan spent the time riding up and down the escalators and elevator)

Becky and I dreaming over the massive dessert menu!

Our bunch

My meal - Caramel Chicken

Keenan chowing down some Sweet Corn Fritters and french fries

Thankfully Moriah took a great nap while we ate!

Dinner was Delicious, and we each had a ton of food to bring home (always a bonus!) Thanks for another great evening John and Becky!


rachel said...

I love the Cheesecake Factory! I'm also enjoying these DC posts...I have never been there, but would like to go someday. You are giving me lots of ideas!

Flakymn said...

Did you eat a whole piee of cheesecake or split? What kind did you get? :)

denise said...

how have you been in the states this long and have NEVER been to a Cheesecake Factory?! I LOVE THEM, even though we don't have any here :(

Joia said...

Wendi, Wendi, Wendi... If I'd had cheesecake, would there not be a picture (and description) of it? =) We all were way too full for dessert and had chocolate bark waiting for us at the house, so we didn't have any dessert (as wrong as that was, being at the Cheesecake Factory and all).

Denise - I just don't think I've been around a lot of Cheesecake Factory restaurants, the only other one I ever remember being close to was in Chicago when we were there a couple winters ago.

Tara said...

I love the Holocaust Museum. I'm not sure you knew-- my parents live outside DC in McLean, VA.

Mom W. said...

I love the way Moriah is looking up at you Joia in the picture with the caption "Watching the boys" Her exprssion is so saying, "Oh mommy you are the best and I love being right here looking at you..." =)

One week from today, yay!

Jessica said...

Love the pics of you and Becky. So pretty! do you know you will be in MI the same exact time as Dad?? So you and the kids will get to see him!! Are you going to stay with A. Mary D.? I was so excited to hear that. Love, Jessica