Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Nearly Perfect Day

First off, a couple pictures that I forgot to post from our day at the zoo...

Keenan and I on the subway

Gettting ready to go up the Super tall escalator on the way home

Not sure if you can see us, but we're part way up

Like her big brother, Moriah is Not a big fan of food of any kind... so far a big fat No goes out to rice cereal, oatmeal and bananas...

Okay.. on to my nearly perfect day today.... It started with me feeling at least a little more rested than I had any other night since we began this trip. Moriah only woke up three times last night, which is practically like sleeping through the night, compared to what we've been doing lately.. =)

Since we missed the Giant Pandas at the zoo on our first visit, and the clock is ticking down on the time we have left before we head to the Great White North, the kids and I decided to head back and see them today. This meant taking on the subway system without Philip. A teensy bit intimidating, but I decided a couple days ago that we were going to do this, and I had planned to just get my train pass out of his wallet and not tell him we were going until it was done. Bummer. Couldn't find his wallet anywhere. Had to tell him my plan. He was surprised. In a good way. Made sure I knew which stop to get off at. Yay, knowing exactly where I'm going without having to rely on complete strangers is always a good thing. =)

So, off we went, stopped at the bank and the post office, and then down, down, down, down, it was a long way down the elevator, and onto the train... and, okay, no more play by play... it went as smoothly as it possibly could!

Here we are - at the right stop! =)

...and made it to the zoo

I was able to get some pretty close up pictures of the Pandas, which was even better!

Keenan couldn't stop eating his snack long enough to have his picture taken

Me and the bear


Keenan and the bear =)

So cute!

Not the most modest way to sit IMHO

And yes, the panda in a flower shot =)

Keenan's favorite exhibit - Diggers of various breeds in their natural habitat
(Working on a rocking new elephant habitat)

We stopped to see the Zebras also, since we apparently mnissed them last time too

Keenan Loves Zebras

He's a huge fan of these misters, and ran through this one until he was practically soaked!

The three of us just before leaving the zoo

Moriah with some pretty flowers

Silly expression

Deep in thought

We stopped to see this pretty fountain on the way home

Fancy restaurant... Keenan - these two don't belong together =)

This onesie in a store window, totally reminds me of my nights with Moriah - without the "party" feel

Waiting on the bench for the train

The three of us headed home

Keenan was perfectly behaved during this entire trip, except for a brief period where I was changing Moriah at the zoo and he threw her pants in a flower bed and got a time out.. =)

When we got home, the "cleaning fairy" had been here and gone (sweet!) We all had naps (Keenan's was 2 hours and 45 minutes!) and then headed off to pick up Philip.

I caught this picture of him (pretending to sleep) with Keenan's Bunny and "Moosey" wrapped up in a blanket.

So cute when he's sleeping.. =)


The Woodford's said...

Hey Jo,

Moriah's not walking yet is she? Then why would you chain her - besides that's cruel for any age, don't cha think? Way to go Keenan - is that what you call throwing a pantrum? Good to see youse all!


Joia said...

Oops! I meant "change" her - I'm sure you had no idea what I was talking about, Timothy!!

Anonymous said...

Joia, what do you do to have such awesome toned arms? they look great!

Joia said...

Anonymous, Wow, thanks! Love to get comments like that! =)

I am ashamed to say I don't work out in any form or fashion... whatsoever. The only "toning" my arms get is hefting Keenan and Moriah around! )

Mom E said...