Monday, July 20, 2009

The National Cathedral

The kids and I had a fun (picture- less, oops!) morning. We walked to 7-11 for a Slurpee (definitely not Sonic, but the closest thing we could find), then went to a small playground just outside our parking garage.

Keenan had a great time picking up all the sticks he could find (about 40, between three inches and three feet). The bonus was that he got to watch a huge car carrier unload all the cars, right in front of the park! What more could a little boy want?

After that it was home for lunch and naps, and then off to pick Philip up (since they were done an hour early). Then we headed off to see the National Cathedral.

Chillin' in the chair this morning

She's getting so big!

Keenan hanging out the window, calling to Daddy when we went to pick him up

The Cathedral

I took a Ton of pictures, many of them just for the angle or the lighting, sorry if I bore you...
(With our camera, no tripod, and the difficult lighting, it was hard to get good indoor pictures.)

It's M-A-S-S-I-V-E!!

It is the sixth largest cathedral in the world, the second largest in the United States, and the fourth tallest structure in Washington, D.C. It's construction lasted 83 years.
The architecture is Gorgeous

Just one of Many beautiful stained glass windows (all different, I believe)

The main cathedral

Keenan in the Children's Chapel
(A miniature chapel built to scale for a six year old)

Fun with lighting

So ornate

There were so many different (huge) parts to it, each one unique and beautiful

This tapestry represents all fifty states as well as each branch of the military

Looking back towards the main entrance

Just for detail

The Space Window
(How appropriate on today, the 40th Anniversary of our first steps on the moon)

Intricate wrought iron design on the front doors

In one of the entry ways

View out one of the top windows (I love how the metal design in the window frames this one)

A little bright (oh how I miss my iPhoto program)

Moriah in one of the pretty hallways upstairs

This was engraved in Many places around the cathedral

Big flag down below

National Cathedral School (on the grounds of the Cathedral)
Another pretty view from the top

The Bishop's Garden
(We didn't get a chance to walk through this, since Keenan had reached his limit but we might go back)

The writing is hard to see, but this stone is from Mount Sinai

Beautiful fountain in the courtyard

Pretty shot upwards

Family pic

Philip and Moriah with some pretty arches

Sportin' Daddy's sunglasses

"Okay, Pops, I get to choose where we go next..."

This one was taken by Philip just before we left

...and in conclusion... a humorous blip (and a borrowed picture) from Wikipedia:

The Cathedral boasts what is probably the world's only sculpture of Darth Vader on a religious building. During construction of the west towers of the Cathedral, developers decided to hold a competition for children to design decorative sculptures for the Cathedral. The image of the villainous Vader, sculpted by Jay Hall Carpenter and carved by Patrick J. Plunkett, was placed high upon the northwest tower of the Cathedral, fulfilling the role of a traditional grotesque.[6] There are many gargoyles on the cathedral. The gargoyle designs are varying, but they are usually located on a roof or tower.



denise said...

love the look on Philip's face when walking out to the car, and the amusement look on the guys watching :)

Mom E said...

OHGosh, Denise! I had exactly the same thought you did about that same photo! How funny.
Joia/Philip: We were treated to an amazing formal dinner at the top of the Cathedral complete with a 3 piece orchestra ensemble and a bunch of astronauts when Jeff got his SFA award there. It is an amazing piece of architecture and somewhere, I have photos of the Vader "gargoyle" too!
So glad you get to do all that together and how significant that you are there on the 40th anniversary of Apollo. Way cool!