Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last Wifia for a While... =0/

We had the wifia lunch here today, since I will be out of town for the next few. I'm Really going to miss these girls, this will definitely be THE LONGEST time I have ever been away from them all since we all met! = 0/

We had a good time today, although it was a little crazy with kids and toys everywhere. Keenan seems to be having a harder time sharing things with his friends, the older he gets, especially when we're at our house. I'm still trying to figure out best how to handle this, and to teach him the importance of being kind and sharing with others.

Wendi's sister in law, Danielle, made a guest appearance today which was really fun! She and her husband, Matt, are visiting from Fort Lauderdale so Wendi brought her along. She was a great sport with all of us and our kids, and didn't seem as "shell shocked" by it all as some of our past visitors. =)

Chloe and Moriah had outfits with almost the Exact same pattern on them, so Andrea and I decided to take some pictures...

Us and our little princesses

Little buds

How cute are they???

"Look Mom, no hands!"

Together on the couch

Wendi reading books to Keenan, what a treat!

I forgot to take pictures of everyone before Sarah and Della left, but here's the rest of the people who were here today:

Andrea, Chloe and Jodi

Danielle, Wendi and Keenan

Keenan after dessert =)

This morning I was at the courthouse again, doing some paperwork, and I walked up to the counter (which was about four feet high), with Keenan standing beside me and Moriah in the front pack. As I set my stuff down, Keenan said, "Mommy, pick me up!" The woman behind the glass, stopped, looked at Moriah, and her jaw dropped on the desk! She though She was the one talking!! LOL!

Gotta run, much to do...


Mom W. said...

The two girlers are so cute together.

Busy, busy getting ready to go Joia... I think the month will probably go by pretty fast. At least for you, if not Philip.

Strawberries to do...

Mom E said...

Oh that is hysterical that the woman thought it was Moriah talking! I'd be like, "oh yeah, My kids are very advanced, thank you!" (and keep Keenan hidden from view). LOL!!