Friday, July 24, 2009

Jefferson Memorial, and Counting down to Canada!

The kids and I headed to the Commissary again to get some snacks for our trip, and to stock up on stuff for Philip while we're gone. We stopped at a park on the way, and Keenan had a great time, pushing his dump truck around and filling it up with sticks.. =)

Look at his tongue!

I think he looks so grown up here

The kids and I all got Great naps this afternoon and then picked Philip up and we headed out to see the Jefferson Memorial.

Looking at the ducks

My man being the great Dad that he is... =)

Memorial through the trees

Cool dude on the bridge

Fun shot of the Washington Monument

Jefferson Memorial

My sweet fam

Crazy cool clouds

Crazy cute kids

Philip pointed out that the White House shows through the trees on the left - cool!

Keenan and I with the giant statue of Thomas Jefferson

Me and my boy

I cropped this down, since I already have a picture of the whole statue

Declaration of Independence

Keenan wanted me to spin with him

Sweet moment

This was definitely a little too much spinning for this girl who doesn't tolerate circular motion very well anymore - blah

Next to one of the Massive pillars

Moriah Loves to ride in the front carrier!

Holding the Washington Monument =)

Teeny tiny

Coming down the marble steps

Philip did a great job with this one =)

I love how the detailing on the bridge looks like miniatures of the Washington Monument (intentional? probably)

Pretty shafts of sunlight

Airplane in the sky over the memorial

Showing off Moriah's hair! LOL!

Woohoo! Andrew flies in tomorrow! =)


Anonymous said...

Some great pics of you and Keenan!


Mom W. said...

Here comes Andrew, must be in the air now!!! First class too since they bumped him up! Nice pics, as usual!! See you soon...

Blackman Blog said...

Ok, your pics are making me even more eager to get a trip to DC in soon! I did not appreciate all the sites as I should have when in 8th grade. We can't wait to take our children. Looks like y'all are having a GREAT time. Can't wait to see more pics!

The Mac's House said...

I'm getting excited about visiting DC seeing all your pics. Have you hit every monument so far? It looks like you've done almost everything there is to do there.

Only one question???? How do you find getting around DC, is it easier to take public transportation vs. driving around?