Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July Fourth!

Happy July Fourth from us to you!

Here are some patriotic pictures I took of the kids a while ago to make a photo gift for Philip's desk for Father's Day:

Sporting their miniature BDU's and flight suit.. =)

Doesn't This just make you wanna join the military?? =)

Go... USA!


With all Daddy's stuff

The hat's a Little big for her yet...


The Woodford's said...

VERY cute pic's of the kiddos, Joia! Happy 4th of July!

auntmary said...

Happy 4th of July Philip, Joia, Keenan, and Moriah! Love the pictures of K&M in uniform with the US flag! We're at JMR&H's and headed to Cocoa for the firworks soon (just waiting for the rain to stop) Wish you were here. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and hugs all around!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joia, we've been away for the weekend and are heading out again tomorrow, so hadn't seen these pictures until now. Your kids are adorable! I LOVE these pictures and I'm not even American! Cute kids, great ideas, and excellent photography skills!
I won't be reading your blog for a while, but I'll catch up when we get home! Love you all,

Mom E said...

I'm writing another comment because my other one never made it to the page. Happy (belated) 4th of July to you too. Great post and a nice complement to the Canada Day blog on the 1st. Love you.

Isaac said...

Those are some cute pics of patriotic Mr.Keenan and Miss.Moriah :-)