Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Evening with Great Friends Far From Home

Apparently I spoke too soon about getting good sleep... =) Moriah was up until 1:30 last night, screaming any time I tried to put her down. She and I ended up spending the night in the living room, me on the couch, and her on the chair, pushed up against the couch. Not such a great night. She did only take two naps today though, so I'm hoping for much better sleep tonight. =)

The kids and I spent most of the day here in the apartment, tidying up and doing laundry. Other than a visit to the pool, we didn't go anywhere until it was time to pick Philip up. The last two days he's been done at 4, so there wasn't much traffic yet. Today though... he wasn't done until 5, and it was a whole new ballgame! I hadn't planned for this, and didn't end up getting there until about 5:45,(for a two mile trip!) making what should have been a 15 minute round trip, more than 60! Yuck! Definitely a down side to living in the city.

We met up with John and Becky for dinner. In case you don't remember, they were our friends at Eglin, and recently moved to DC while John is getting his Nurse Practitioner Degree. It is SO nice to know someone here, when we're so far from home!

They met up with us at our building, came up to the apartment briefly, and then we walked a few blocks to a cool restaurant they know, called Rock Bottom Brewery. We had a great dinner together and then walked back and hung out here outside for a bit before we parted ways. We get to see them at least twice more while we're here too - yay!

Some fun mirror pictures I took of Moriah:

Woah! Hey, what are you doin' down there??

Hi! I'm Moriah! Hi! I'm Moriah!

Hello you pretty thing!

Am I squishing you??

Helloooo.... come on out and play!

Moriah lounging by the pool
(I didn't take any pictures of Keenan this time, just video)

She fell asleep on our bed after I got her ready to go out =)

Keenan and John on our walk (how cute is this?)

Moriah studying Becky

My handsome boys

I LOVE this picture of John and Becky - what a great looking couple!

All of us

Us and our boy =)

Moriah and Me

The Ralph Lauren picture =)
(Thanks Jen for the cute dress!)

Keenan and the ladies by the flowers outside our building

Becky and I (this one's a little fuzzy, since Philip chose not to use the flash so it wasn't so dark in the background)

John showing Keenan a firefly

What a fun evening! =)


Brittny said...

how fun!!!! i need to give them our friends' info b/c they just moved up there as well. looks like you are having fun! how's the weather?

auntmary said...

Your explorations and adjustments to the new environment seem to be going quite well. You are very adventurous. Hope all your other trips will continue to be w/o any complications. When you are in MI, just in case you need any attention to your van (tire rotations, check air pressure, new tires, oil change, brakes, etc.) I think I might know of a good reliable source. LMK ahead of time, and I’ll check the schedule. Can’t wait 2CU. ♥ and hugs

Mom W. said...

Love the curled toes in the first mirror picture. = )

Flakymn said...

I'm very jealous ... :( (that you got to hang out with John and Becky). LOVE the pic of Moriah in her shoes!