Monday, July 13, 2009

Day Two at The Whitney

Things are going pretty well here....

We didn't get real great sleep last night (well, actually the last two nights). The night we spent in a hotel in NC, Philip shared a bed with Keenan and I shared a bed with Moriah, so we wouldn't have to dig both pack'n'plays out of the van. The next morning as we were comparing notes on how each other slept, neither of us could believe how much of a double bed our two little people (one three feet tall, and the other two feet tall) could hog! Crazy...

To answer Wendi's question about sleeping arrangements, there is a large walk in closet off the bedroom, where Moriah is sleeping, and Keenan's pack'n'play is set up in our room. Last night, they were switched, but after Moriah being up so much, we decided we'd try it this way. Keenan is the deeper sleeper too, so us going in and out of the room won't bother him as much.

The kids and I spent the day getting a little more settled in, touring the building and checking out all the gorgeous common areas, as well as the outdoor patio, some pretty paths, and the pool area. After naps this afternoon we went for a swim before picking Philip up from the base.

After dinner, we headed into DC and checked out the Lincoln Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, WW2 Memorial, and the Washington Monument. We saw the Jefferson Mermorial across the water and I also got to catch my first glimpse of the White House, and the Capitol Building. We will actually visit all of these later in our stay as well.

I was quite overwhelmed at points with all of the picture taking possibilities, and was especially enthralled with all of the beautiful architecture. When I walked in and saw the massive Abraham Lincoln statue, it was pretty awesome to actually Be there, after seeing it in pictures (or movies) so many times.

I think Philip is pretty disappointed with my knowledge of American History, so I will definitely need to remedy that in the near future. I guess this is the place to learn, right? =)

Pictures from around "home", the others will have to wait...

Keenan lounging on a couch in the lobby

Both kids in a comfy spot

The pretty fountain and the grilling patio

Keenan and I reflected in a funky piece of mirror art

The pool

Keenan is doing So well now in his life jacket, he hardly needs me! =)

Us girls by the pool

One of my least favorite happenings of the day: Shaving my legs with just a razor head. I misplaced my razor yesterday and could NOT find it anywhere today, so I just used one of my spare razor blade attachments, which worked surprisingly well, but was pretty painful later (I think it shaved closer than the razor itself would have, I don't recommend trying it). I finally Did find my razor (thankfully), so I won't slaughter myself before the end of this trip!

Funny thing Keenan said in the van on the way here: He was talking about the "big trip" we were on, and decided that he wanted to take it all by himself. He said, "Daddy and Mommy no come on trip, I go by self". I said to him, "You don't want us to come?? What would you do all by yourself??" His face got sort of sad and he said, "Cry".


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're going to have some tourist time. I know that Washington D.C. was one of our very favourite places to visit. We spent a few days there on our way back from visitng you two summers ago. There was so much history, and so many free things to see and do. Enjoy!
Anyway, we're very much looking forward to your trip.
Love you all so much,
Mark and Rebekah

Mom E said...

Wow, that's some couch in the lobby! And hey don't let Philip's comments get to you...I *am* an American, and I don't know a lot about my own history either! I slept thru all of that when I was younger and in school. I love it (the history) now though; and Jeff and I still talk about, and cherish, our trip to D.C. when he was awarded the (very prestigious) Spaceflight Awareness Award through KSC. Ahh, the memories. lol. So wished we could've met you there.

You do well, my Canadian d-i-l! Love you.

Anonymous said...

If Nathan were on here he'd suggest I give you an American history lesson - he hates that I know way more about US history than Canadian (waaaaay more). What can I say I loved American news growing up?


Mom W. said...

"lounging in the lobby" or "lobbying in the lounge" ???? Sorry Joia, it is a Woodford thing you know...

I guess the lack of US history is my fault, but hey, your Dad is Canadian and you were raised in Canada. As a rule though Canadians know way more about American history than Americans know about Canadian so... how's Philip's Candadian history??? = ) Just wondering...

Mom W. again said...

Sorry, I just say my typo in Canadian after I hit publish... so how is your Mom's spelling anyway??? = )