Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy house

The clock is ticking down to lift off! =)

I took Moriah to the doctor this morning and confirmed that she has pink eye (on top of not feeling super well the last couple of days from her shots). Poor wee girl. When she's not sleeping, she's fussing a lot of the time. We're really praying that she is totally better before our big long trip in the van!

Keenan and I had lunch at Sonic today (possibly our last for a while, since DC doesn't have them!) =0/ I'm not sure how we're going to survive! The bright spot on the horizon is that we'll be in Tim Horton's country up in Canada - woohoo!

I've been putting stuff away outside (pool, toys, etc) so they don't blow into the next county if there's a big storm while we're gone. I also cleaned out the van and took our plants over to Myrtle's house so she can take care of them while we're away. She and our neighbor, Phil, are going to watch and take care of our house while we're gone, and Phil has even offered to put up our hurricane shutters if one is coming our way! How awesome is that???

I'm trying to figure out how much stuff we really need to pack... Unlike when we went to Orlando for the week (where I took several coolers of food to last us the entire time, so we wouldn't have to shop), in DC, we'll have several Commissaries to choose from, so groceries shouldn't be that expensive. Also, how many diapers do two kids need for a month?? I figure I'll take two (80 count) boxes for Keenan, and that should last at least most of the time, and Moriah... wow, who knows... =)

Here are a few pictures, and then I really need to get back to work...

Yesterday after wifia, both kids went down for naps while I was working. Moriah woke up after not sleeping very long, so I fed her and then laid her on the floor in the toy area so she could play and I could keep working. A while later, I found her like this... =)

Funny sleeping position

Today in one of her happier moments... sitting up and playing with some toys I propped up on pillows around her...

Here, come play!

I like that little smirk =)

I don't have any pictures of Keenan yet today, so here's a couple that our friend, Kendra took at a party a few weeks ago and I hadn't posted yet...

Hot, sweaty dude with a lolipop =)

Staying hydrated!


Flakymn said...

Maybe just buy diapers there? That's what I am thinking of doing for our Colorado trip -- although we are flying ...

The Mac's House said...

We have Sonics in Virginia, one right around the corner from me. :)

Tim Horton's has made its way into Western NY where my family is from. Started off coming down thru Buffalo and is now down in the Southern Tier of Western NY. Pretty cool stuff! Love Tim Horton's!