Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bishop's Garden etc...

Thanks to a head's up from my friend Kendra's blog, we walked to Starbucks this morning for a drink and Free pastry! We got a Vanilla Bean frappucino and got a free apple fritter!

Keenan checking out the flowers on the way

Chillin' in one of the big comfy chairs at Starbucks

I was feeling a little adventurous this morning, so we hopped in the van, and at the mercy of the GPS, set out to find a library, where we could spend some time and have some fun (since I wasn't in the mood to go to a park). We got there without any problems, and to Keenan's Delight, they had quite the fun collection of trucks to play with in the kid's section! He was in heaven..

His favorite one was the garbage truck =)

They really liked playing with this toy too

Moriah in a doll cradle =)

We did read several books before heading for home as well... it seemed wrong to not do so when visiting the library. =)

When we picked Philip up, we headed back to the National Cathedral to see the gardens that we missed out on yesterday. I took a LOT of pictures (big surprise)...

I think this is a sweet picture of the two of them and I love the shadows

A view of the cathedral we didn't get yesterday

Lots of steps!

Into the garden...

This totally reminds me of The Secret Garden

Very pretty structure in the middle of the garden

I forgot Moriah's hat, so she wore one of Keenan's!

The grass was Deliciously soft!

Me and the kids inside

Roses in the foreground with the Cathedral

A beautiful Iris

Keenan Loved the flowers!

Gorgeous, fragrant Lilies

Philip helping Keenan get a sniff

My favorite of the day

The rose garden

Stopping to smell the roses

Different angle with some pretty pink roses in the foreground

Me and the girl

Self shot

Moriah and I with the Cathedral

Keenan getting ready to run down the hill

Not sure what kind of flower this is... it just struck me - the beautiful, vibrant, blooming, Living one in the middle, surrounded by dry, dead, brown ones is an example of how Christ wants us as Christians to be in the world

No reason, I just thought it was kind of cool with the little cathedral thing on top

Keenan through a hole in a leaf

After looking through the garden (which was such a quaint, beautiful, romantic little place to be - well, despite the fact that we had two kids with us)... we took a walk on a stone path in the woods..

Keenan fell down and got some "hitchhikers" (not the sharp prickly ones) all over him!

Running down the path

My handsome husband

The four of us

One of the few shots of just the two of us on this trip

The kids on a bench

I love these three so much!

Philip and Moriah

The little man's legs were getting tired

He wanted a shot here all by himself

One last shot of the Cathedral

I love it when he says, "I love to hold your hand!"

I love how he looks soo tiny here!
(I think this is George Washington?)

Next we headed to Outback for dinner. We hadn't been here (with kids) since Keenan was quite small, so I wasn't sure how it would go, but they both did really well!

Moriah sitting on the bench like a big girl

Keenan drinking my Coke (Moriah got her first tiny taste tonight)

All of us (I think the waiter's finger was in front of the flash, oh well)

This one just makes me smile

On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks (probably a record, I don't think I've Ever been here twice in one day before!) because, with my receipt from earlier, I could get Any cold drink (Grande size) for $2! I got a Strawberries and Cream frappucino (for half price!) What a great end to a great day... =) (Thanks again, Kendra!)

Goodnight from Bethesda!


The Woodford's said...

The people are beautiful, and the flowers are too! I loved ALL of the pic's, Joia, what a pretty place!

Jessica said...

whenever we get back to DC, I am going to use your blog as my tour guide. :) Thanks for all the great info! Love, Jessica P.S. Those are some adorable kids!!! Can't wait to see them (2 months?!?)

Mom W. said...

I love how Keenan and Philip are walking exactly in sync in the "up the stairs" picture. I think I know what your new profile picture on FB is going to be... = ) and Moriah is so cute in Keenan's hat!

Mom E said...

How I wish we could be there with you; it looks like so much fun. So many photos I liked..Keenan in his hat walking up stairs with Philip (in sync, as your mom noted!); I thought of the Secret Garden too before I even read your title; All the flower pics remind me of the Many photos my Dad used to take; "hole in leaf" & cathedral with flowers in foreground were really cool, artsy shots; I agree you have a handsome husband (smile); You look fabulous (in the photo of just you), Moriah has the most amazing smile(s), and finally, yes, it is George on the horse & loved the contrast with Keenan in the foreground. Can't wait 2 C all of you in Sept. Love, Mom

rachel said...

So did you like the Strawberries and Creme Frap? I have always thought about trying one, but have a hard time straying from my Caramel Frap!! :-)

Blackman Blog said...

YUM...strawberry Frap!
I was introduced to Blueberries and Cream Frap in CA in 2007. YUMMMMM. Raspberry is also great! Glad you to to enjoy it! LOVE the pics of the cathedral. :)