Friday, July 3, 2009

Afternoon at the Beach

We had a wonderful day, enjoying Philip not being at work!

Keenan had his final swim class this morning (that he actually seemed to enjoy), but since he missed so much, he'll need to retake this level before moving on.

Keenan was excited that they got to wear life jackets today, since he could show of his newly aquired "skills"

Putting his face in the water

"Swimming" all by himself!

So excited that he got the penguin today!
(They each chose a toy, and then when it's their turn, they throw it as far as they can, and then swim to it with the teacher)

This afternoon, we headed out, stopped at Sonic, then Best Buy, then made the sweet (not) drive through Destin to Okaloosa Island where we set up camp on the beach on the bay side. It was great - not crowded and the water was perfect! On the way to the beach, I turned the camera on... black screen, "Change Batteries"... nuts! I didn't have any extras with me either. Philip jokes that I think that "If we don't have pictures of it, it didn't happen", and normally this situation would make me Very upset that I would miss out on pictures. This time though, I decided to (grow up) make the best of the situation and just enjoy the time with my family and have fun, even without pictures...

When we got to the beach, I gave the camera one more try, and it came on! (Obviously from the pictures below, it worked for quite a while!) Philip said it was just testing me to see if I would "throw a fit" or not, and when I had a good attitude anyway, it decided to work. =)

Moriah's first real beach visit

Keenan wasted no time in getting in the water!

Philip being a dork and giving a "Yay, I LOVE the beach!" thumbs up.. he had a good time!

The kids and I

Moriah loved being in this!

Sweet girl

Fun shot of us

Just the girls

Just the boys

Keenan was smashing one of the sand castles here! =)

Moriah's floaty (apparently recalled just today!) made for a comfy chair on the beach

Moriah watching her big brother

Keenan and the sand castles

Moriah was soo sleepy... I love how she looks like she's waving or something here

Snoozin' on the beach...

Philip and Keenan spent most of the time in the water together, but I didn't actually get any pictures of them during this time.. =0/

Just for fun

Keenan and I swimming together

Philip took this one to show perspective and how far out we were (I still cropped it some though)

This one's a little fuzzy because I cropped it so much, but I love how we're having so much fun here!

We all had a really good time...that lasted until it was time to leave. Everything kind of went downhill from there... it involved (but was not limited to) Keenan puking four times in his carseat on the way home (due to the amount of salt water he swallowed while swimming!) No more details, but... yuck...

Little Miss USA

All clean, bathed, and snuggled up on the couch watching "The Choo Choo Movie" (aka Polar Express)

The rest of the evening was busy, I was cleaning out the aforementioned mess in the van while Philip cleaned Keenan up, then I did laundry and cleaned out the carseat while Philip mowed the lawn. We dined fashionably late on roast beef (that cooked in the crock pot while we were at the beach), brocolli and couscous (first time we've had this at home, I have No idea why we haven't eaten more of it!)


Flakymn said...

I love couscous ...

Isaac said...

I'm glad moriah likes the turtle floaty I got her. I'm also glad Keenan learned how to swim! :-)

Mom E said...

It's so funny to see comments on here by Isaac...which btw, he posts (types) All of them by himself. He finds the website and reads it all himself too. I am playing catch-up, and (gasp) have Not been going in order to do so...yeah, it's messing with my he didn't realize was that you said the floaty was recalled! How sad is that?! btw, How did you even find out that it was recalled?