Sunday, July 26, 2009

The ABC's of Our Day Yesterday

Andrew got here!
Bd's Mongolian BBQ for dinner - yum!
Capitol Tour - very interesting and educational
Dinner with John and Becky - it was so awesome to get to see them once more on this trip!
Embassy - We stopped by the Canadian Embassy for some pictures
Found Cheerios under at three pieces of furniture when cleaning the apartment this morning
Go, go, go... what we needed to do to get to our Capitol Tour in time.
Hot day! The hottest one so far I think, and the one where we spent the most time walking outside!
Interesting fact. I painted my toenails and Moriah's tiny ones got a splash of pink too!
Joyful- How Keenan was to finally see Uncle Andrew!
Keenan and Philip spent about an hour and a half at the park in the morning, which allowed me time to shower, get the apartment cleaned up, and relax. It also got Keenan adequately tired out to take a good nap before we headed out for a busy afternoon!
Loving having Andrew here. It's like having a Nanny along! He is Such a help with the kids!
Metro - We rode it several times yesterday and I think I've had my fill. I'm not a germaphobic, but it really grosses me out to think about all the surfaces we have to touch that are sooo germy!
Nap interrupted. I woke up and started thinking about this list, so I got up to work on it.
Out of Many, One. E plurbius unum. The national motto.
Pictures, of course. Lots of them!
Quiet. Keenan is not good at this. =)
Rotunda. This experience (for me) was right up there, tied with standing next to Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial. Unreal.
Statues. There were a ton of these in the capitol building, most of them given from the 50 States.
Totally unsurprised by any sort of crazy driving anymore, I've seen it all in the last two weeks.
Umbrella. We had to borrow one from John and Becky after dinner, so we could at least keep Moriah dry, while the five of us dashed the four blocks home in the rain!
Visitor's Center. We got to see the brand new, recently opened one at the Capitol. Very cool.
White House. First time up close (as close as you can get) and personal with the President's crib.
Xray machine. All our stuff had to go through this and we had to go through a metal detector to get into the Capitol.
Zzzz... So sleepy after our long (but fun!) day.

On our way to the metro station

Family picture while waiting for our train

The (huge) Canadian Embassy

Keenan wasn't interested in being in our Canadian picture

... or in being part of our family, apparently!

This one came out a bit hazy because there was something on the lens, but I like how it looks anyway

The whole thing
Yet another view of the Washington Monument

Another angle

The back side

I don't know if you can tell here, but we are Very hot after hustling around the entire Capitol building, in order to get to the right spot at the back to start our tour!

Waiting in line to check in for our tour - A/C has never felt so good!

She was soo exhausted!

She hardly Ever falls alseep in here!

Cool astronaut statue from Colorado

We each had to wear stickers that said that we'd registered for the tour - Moriah wore hers on her butt!

Me in the Rotunda
(The cast iron dome weighs 9.5 million pounds!)

The gorgeous painting on the ceiling, called The Apotheosis of Washington
(it took 11 months to complete)

One of the statues from Michigan

The Library of Congress

Close up showing the torch on top

Philip and the kids with the Capitol

Keenan and I

Supreme Court

Pretty flag

Daddy and his girl

Keenan and Uncle Andrew

Union Station

Back down to the subway

Cutie pie


The White House

A little closer

Keenan and Andrew

Three of us

Outside the main gate

Philip and Moriah

I loved the flags with this building next to the White House

Uncle Andrew getting Keenan across the street safely =)

Our reflections

Nap number two in the front pack

Sweet girl

We took her out to let her sleep more comfortably

The dudes across the aisle

Not sure


Keenan using chop sticks!

With rice, even!

John and Becky

All of us

Uncle Andrew keeping Moriah happy

Sweet smile

John with his dessert
(I think this was a small!)

I don't remember what it was called, but isn't it beautiful?

Becky and Me

Little Brother and Me =)

Phew! I think that's it!


Mom W. said...

Looks like you are having fun together, long drive tomorrow, hope everyone (Moriah...) sleeps well tonight. See you all soon, thank you Philip!

Anonymous said...

Hat's off to you for that Alphabet! Great pics too!

Laura :)