Friday, June 5, 2009

Yay, it's Friday!

This morning both kids woke up at about the same time, so I put Moriah in Keenan's crib while he and I played in his room for a while. Keenan wanted to lie beside her, and they were so cute, I had to take pictures! Yes, there are a few almost the same, but each one is a little different and I love them all!

Look at them holding hands! (Not coaxed by me, either)

So sweet

Little snuggle

No pacifiers

Close up

This evening, I decided to let Keenan give Moriah a bottle, since he never had, and we need to get in the habit of having her take a bottle, since we're going to be away from the kids for an entire evening in a couple weeks for a banquet.

Keenan doing a super job.... Moriah Totally not liking the idea (I'm afraid that I let her go too long without one! =0/ I'll just have to keep trying every day for a while and see if I can change her mind!)

(Sigh) This bottle feeding thing is a lot harder than I thought...

"Okay Moriah, let's give it another shot"

"If he thinks I'm going to drink this, he's nuts!"

Moriah playing with Keenan's truck (picture courtesy of Keenan)

Also by Keenan, a pretty good one, except that his finger was over the flash =)

Project I'm working on: "Operation Kids Sleep in the Same Room"

This was our original plan, but at the very beginning it didn't seem like a good idea, and then we just never got around to it. Today I decided to move Keenan's toddler bed into the spot where his crib usually sits (hoping that the familiar location will help him adjust easier). Then I moved the crib over to where his toddler bed was, took all of his stuff out of it, put a clean sheet on the matress and moved it up to "baby height" (thus turning it into "Moriah's crib"). He seemed pretty cool with the idea of him having the "Bed" and Moriah having the "Crib". =)

I tried them in there for a morning nap together and... neither one slept - they kept laughing and looking at each other. Strike one. This afternoon when we got home, Keenan was already asleep in the van, so I carried him in and put him to bed, and then took Moriah in and laid her down. She was not interested in sleeping at all and just played around and made noise (that didn't seem to bother Keenan), so I just ended up taking her out.

Later this afternoon, she took a good nap in there (by herself).

"Okay Moriah, it's time for a nap now... go to sleep"

First time sleeping in the crib!

I put them both to bed at the same time tonight, and for a while they both fussed on and off. Keenan fell asleep while Moriah was crying at full throttle (Yay! I was so excited that he was able to do this! I can't!!) I eventually brought her out and got her settled and then laid her back down. She fussed a little bit, and then went to sleep.

A while later, Keenan woke up crying (loudly), and I went in and comforted him, held him, prayed with him, talked to him, and he still kept crying (this happened last night too) for quite a while. Moriah slept right on through!! I asked him if he had pain anywhere and he pointed to his head and said "I need band-aid!" (I don't normally give out band-aids for non-bleeding/fake injuries, but tonight did not count). I put a band-aid on his forehead and that seemed to help. =) Then I laid down beside him in his toddler bed until he fell asleep.

Anyway, all that to say... This "sleeping in the same room" thing is still brand new, but I've at least started the process and I think we've made a little progress (if nothing else, I discovered how soundly my kids sleep!!)

I'm So excited that Philip's first week at Pensacola is over! Keenan gets "Pensacola" and "California" mixed up somehow, and he told someone today that Daddy was in California!

Another funny thing.. he's recently started referring to any gray haired woman as "A Grandma"... it's really funny! "Grandma" changed his diaper at MOPS the other day, "Grandma" delivered my Mary Kay stuff today... =)


denise said...

YAY for sound sleeping kids! Any changes we have made that are major (sleeping through the night, taking away bottles, taking away passys, etc) I have made sure they stay super busy during the day and even put them to bed a little late. I always start the change with bedtime, so they are the most tired. I do know some families of twins that have them sleep together at night, but separate during naps.

Also, you might want to have Philip give her the bottle when you are not there. (when he is able to) It might help to be a special Daddy thing AND it might work if you are not there. Also, maybe try first thing in the morning when she is super hungry? Not sure if you are able to use expressed milk or formula. If you use formula, it might be the temp. My boys like theirs HOT! Just thought I would share :)

Samantha M-Hart said...

In response to your hat question - I sent that one on purpose, because it was a really nice one, and Isobel had a hat for every outfit, I swear. A good friend bought the outfit, which came with hat and blanket, so I had to keep one item, the blanket went to goodwill. Hats always come in handy.

Flakymn said...

I'm very interested in your sleeping in the same room thing. Please give any advice you have is we want to get to this point too ... I'm wondering if it is easier or harder b/c Keenan is older than Isaac ... I'm hoping easier for me! Ha!

Mom W. said...

Go Joia... Hang in there. How is it going with getting Keenan of the pacifier, I see he still has it in the picture, are you still cutting it? Yeah, the bottle thing, when they aren't used to it, it is hard, hope it works for you. Love you...

grriffins said...

Katja has a funny thing with Daddy being gone and where he is. He's had two 12 day sessions in Vancouver, BC for some training (we didn't go with him), and so every now and then when he's at work she'll ask me if Daddy is in "Couver" (or if he's sleeping (doesn't matter what time of day, either)). Funny kids.