Saturday, June 13, 2009

William's 3rd Birthday Party

We went to William's Buzz Lightyear birthday party this morning. It was a blast!

Tiff asked me to make the cake - My first Buzz Lightyear one ever!

The bouncy castle was the hit of the party!

Philip and Matt wishing they were inside with the little boys...

... it didn't take Matt long to get in!
(I love how Christopher and Keenan are in mid air here!)


Moriah and Daddy

Brittny and Sophie

John and Isaac (Wendi and Elijah are out of town)

How cute is this boy???

Cutting the grass

Even Isaac got in on the bouncy action!

Keenan trying out the Hummer

Chillin' in William's lazy boy

Keenan reading a book while Moriah hangs out and watches

Christopher holding Moriah

Moriah rockin' the party hat

Keenan watching the goings on

The birthday boy at cake time

Brandon with Sophie and Christopher

More interested in the Buzz figure than his cake! =)

Keenan LOVED playing with all William's trains!

It was a great party - good job, Tiff! We got to meet Matt's parents for the first time too, which was really cool! Thanks for a great day, Ramages!


Mom W. said...

Great job on the cake Joia!!

Looks like John is taking good care of Isaac... I know one picture that Wendi will steal off here, Isaac is looking so grown up.

Philip looks tired... my observation... but man you guys have cute kids... = )

Love you...

Joia said...

Good observation Mom... this rotation has been pretty draining on Philip.

Blackman Blog said...

I had to come peek in and see what John and Isaac were up to while Wendi was away! CUTE pics! Love the cake. :)

Mom E said...

OMGosh, Joia! That cake was SO awesome!!! Dear Lord, could I just have even a 1/4 of Joia's talents, creativity and energy? :-]