Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wild Animal Fun

Last night, both kids were lying on pillows facing each other, when Keenan decided they should get the animals out and play!

"Here you go, Moriah!"

"Is that enough trees for you?"

"...and here's the Animals!"

"Are you serious, you're Really going to let me play with your favorite one.. the Tiger??"

"Woohoo! I get the Tiger!"

"These trees are actually quite tasty..."

"Um.. why does everything have to be This close to me??"


"Hello! Haven't you ever heard of 'personal space' before?"

Oh, Nuts....

"Well, I might as well try another tree..."

Goofy guy (I actually put him up to this)

Then it was bathtime...

Playing with her clean toes

Look at those lashes!

This is random, it just struck me funny when I saw it...

Look at the tiny trailer on it! =)

Philip is DONE with his Pensacola rotation! Woohoo! No more rotations there, ever!!

Keenan's feeling a bit better today, so if he gets up from his nap in time, we'll probably head over to the Residency party this afternoon...


Mom E said...

I love your photo captions. Hope Keenan is feeling better too. Were there other symptoms besides fever? Love, Mom

Jessica said...

oh my...Moriah is topless! LOL! I don't blame her with the crazy heat we've been having! We are watching madea goes to jail right now and I think you'd really LOL at this one!! Love, Jessica

Isaac said...

I'm sure when Keenan gets a little bit older he will understand what your personal space is. That last picture was funny with the 10 foot monster truck and the one inch trailer! :-)