Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wet Wifia at our House

We had the wifia lunch here today and it was a lot of fun! We decided that it was nice for a change to be back at someone's house, since we've been meeting mainly at the park lately. We had pizza, salad, fruit, and Wendi brought (homemade) brownies and ice cream for dessert! They sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me a card, since we didn't have any wifia the week of my birthday... how sweet!

The boys all had a great time playing together, and Keenan loved having people over!

Moriah looking cute this morning

My birthday brownies!

The little dalmation candle had melted down into the brownies and when Wendi tried to pull him out, his head came off! =)

The boys jumping

The babies chillin'

The big boy table (Keenan ate three pieces of pizza!)

Kids everywhere (look how cute Tiff is looking all pregnant!)

Moriah hanging out in Elijah's Bumbo

Isaac in the little pool

Playing in the sand

The girls in the pool (Moriah cried every time I tried to lay her down, she preferred to sit up)

...and standing was even better!

The pool After playtime! I think Keenan is responsible for the dumping... =0/

All tuckered out from playing with her friends

We dropped our van off at the dealership this morning to have one of the sliding doors fixed. All four of us then needed to come home in the Civic... it was crowded! =) We are SO glad to have the van to use for the kids now!

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