Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Moms, Four Kids, One Large Cow Mascot...

Wendi and I spent the evening at the mall with the kids for the great Chick Fil A deal and free carousel rides. It worked especially well for Wendi since JB was working late AND their A/C is broken! =0/

I love the look on Keenan's face here! =)
(The girl on the left is a friend from MOPS that happened to be there too... she and I were wearing Identical shirts in different colors! =)

Wendi went on with the boys the first time and I waited (and took pictures) with the babies. I was really impressed, Isaac seemed pretty cool on his very first ride!

Isaac and Wendi

Keenan watching and wanting to ride again

After we ate, I rode with the boys while Wendi waited with the babies. I stood beside Isaac's horse, and got some pictures, and he seemed like he'd been doing this carousel thing his whole life! =)

Riding like a pro!

Keenan looking back from his bear

At Wendi's suggestion, we walked to the other end of the mall to a kids play area and hung out there for a bit while the boys climbed all over the play equipment. Keenan got distracted with these rides first though... (Is it bad that I still haven't let him know that you're supposed to put money in these??)

Driving the fire truck
(I'm not loving the red eye option on our new photo program..)

In the "Mater-like" tow truck

Doing one of his favorite things.. climbing

I just realized there isn't a single picture of Moriah on here... she really was there! She's still not feeling too great, still has a fever and has been developing a heat rash whenever we're outside.. =0/


Mom W. said...

...one missing cow??? = )

Joia said...

Well, I didn't post any of the cow, it's just assumed... he goes with Chick Fil A... =) Keenan had to give the "big bear" another hug this week and he blew him a kiss too!

denise said...

did your shirt match the little girl or the little girl's mom?

Sorry - just giving you a hard time :)

You can flick me if you want too :) te-he

Blackman Blog said...

WOW...where is that play area. I haven't been to the mall in FOREVER! :)

the ranting SIL :) said...

You are not bad at all! I have vowed to never put money in those rip off rides! I am probably a mean mom, but COME ON! A lot of them are 50 cents are more. I think we are teaching our kids the value of money when we say no to stuff like that. Reagan is 4.5 y.o. and sits on them all the time, but we have never dropped a dime on them (wish they were only a dime! lol!) When it is his own money (for little chores/allowance) and he wants to do it then, fine by me! OK, off my soapbox! LOL!

Mom E said...

I had to laugh while reading Jessica's comment, cuz I never let any of my kids (her included) know that those things took money and actually moved! The only reason Isaac finally found out was bcuz Gr'ma E came down and put money in them! But once she left, life went back to the "mean" mom. lol.