Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day One, Pensacola

Today Philip started a Pediatric rotation at Sacred Heart in Pensacola. He works from 2 pm to 10 pm.... bizarre hours! I'd sort of forgotten he had this rotation left, and when we were talking about it a few days ago, I said, "So, do you mind giving Keenan his baths the next few nights (we usually alternate), since I'm going to be doing 10 out of the next 14?" He said, "Don't you mean 20 out of the next 28?"
What!?! I thought it was only a two week rotation, but it's a month!! Oh, poopy... =0/ We won't see a whole lot of him during this time, since he will be getting home close to midnight every night, and will usually need to go to Eglin for a while each morning to catch up on stuff before leaving for Pensacola.

This morning we got out Keenan's sprinkler thingy for the first time this summer...

Not sure what he thinks of it...

Trying to get a drink

He decided he loves it!

Even better, Driving in the water!

Time to wash the cars...

"You wouldn't believe all the road grime this thing picks up!"

Next he headed for his pool. Then Moriah woke up. Then I had a brilliant idea. Since Keenan's pool is usually too deep for her (and he splashes too much anyway), why not let her have her Own pool??
I brought the little pool inside the porch, put a little water in it, and laid her in it. She loved it!

Check out those thighs!

Keenan checking things out

Happy girl
(This bathing suit is from my friend, Jen M, isn't it adorable?)

I love how she's looking up at Keenan here

Keenan floating in the "big" pool

Tummy time in the water

Splashin' good time

LOL! I put her shorts on her head
(I think it looks like one of those granny swim caps!)

The rest of our day was taken up with shopping (at three different stores, and the kids both did Awesome!), a stop at Sonic, home.. played outside, had dinner, played some more, baths and bed.

Oh ya, our fridge went on the fritz yesterday! It's totally not keeping things as cool as it should, so our most important stuff is sitting in coolers in the kitchen, buried in ice. We called an appliance repair place and someone is coming over in the morning to look at it. Our fridge came with the house and has been around for a few years, but I'm Really hoping we won't have to replace it!


Mom W. said...

What a bummer about your frig, I know what that is like... not cool. (no pun intended =) Wow, a whole month with Philip away, does that take you up to the time to go to DC? Have you figured out how that is going to work??

Jen said...

Yes, the bathing suit is so cute on her! And how funny....I'm not anonymous anymore!

Joia said...

LOL! I thought of that when I wrote it... now the whole world knows! =0)