Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday catch up

The last couple weeks we've visited the Shalimar United Methodist Church. Erik and Andrea are going there, and a bunch (if not most) of my MOPS group attends there. Overall we really like it, and it works well for the kids because they are already used to the childcare workers, since they see them at MOPS. We go to the 11:07 Freedom Service that meets in the Family Life Center (not the main sanctuary). It's a laid back, less structured service and the messages are short, honest, and to the point. Yesterday was a little different - they had a group from Texas who did an Amazing musical performance of the story of Joseph!

Keenan looking angelic during his morning nap

Moriah all dolled up for church

Goofy Keenan - he loves putting things between his toes!

Our pool bit the dust the other day (somehow got a hole in it) =( This is the third summer we've had it, so I suppose it's had a pretty long life... We went out to buy another one yesterday and decided on this Huge one!

This thing is Massive - 10x6, and we could totally all be in it at the same time and still have plenty of room!

However.... after seeing how big it really is (it holds over 500 gallons of water), and knowing how quickly (four days or less) small pools get "slimey"... we didn't want to be emptying this sucker out multiple times a week (hello, water bill!) We did some research, and decided that we didn't want to have to buy chemicals all the time to keep it algea free, so... it went back in the box this morning (yes, I'm quite impressed with that achievement), and will go back to the store. We'll have to see if we can find another one closer to the size of the last one...

Moriah tried her first rice cereal yesterday! I had pictures and video, but I somehow lost them in the transfer to the computer!! =0/ I'll have to get more tonight...

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Blackman Blog said...

We had this pool when our children were a little older than Keenan.
It was quite a chore but we did like that all of us could fit in it!