Monday, June 1, 2009

Playgroup and Florida Park

This morning was the last session of the playgroup "start up" period. Sarah will be gone for a month, and then We'll be gone for a month, so it'll be a while before we do it again!

Making "music"

Funny look on Moriah =)

".... we all fall down!"

Allesandra checking Moriah out =)

Cute flower butt

This afternoon we went to Florida park. We hadn't been there in a long time, and it was time for a new park!

Pretty flowers by the water

Pausing on the little bridge

Happy kid!

Keenan sitting on a huge stump in the water

I noticed that he had stepped (unintentionally) into the print from my flip flop!

Wow, Keenan's actually looking... Moriah not so much =)

What more does a boy need... some water and a couple sticks!

Oh ya.... to be ALL WET!!

I love this bench (it was over by where the cars are parked, and I moved it down to the water)

Me on the huge stump

Hangin' out on the dock

Enjoying the breeze and watching Keenan

Wet dude

I love how she looks like she's just sitting here by herself.. =)

Summer clothes are so fun!

As we were driving from the Commissary to the park this afternoon, Keenan said, "What's your deal, Momma?" LOL!


Mom W. said...

Do I see SHOES on Moriah??? Hmmmm

Your kids are so cute, can they come over to play???

Love you all...

Joia said...

LOL... yes, those are shoes, Mom. =) I do sneak them on her every now and then... =)