Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pensacola Shmensacola....

This rotation is starting to take it's toll. The good thing is, we're almost half done! The sad part is, seeing Philip for less than two hours every day really stinks. =0/

Last night, Keenan and I had a pizza party...

Food is way more fun when eaten at a kid's table!

...and had mint chocolate chip ice cream (left by Wendi - woohoo!) for dessert.
Keenan's favorite color is green, and he thought that this Green ice cream was just about the most awesome stuff EVER!

Great news today... We dropped our van off yesterday to have the passenger side sliding door fixed. When Philip returned their call yesterday afternoon, they said that, not only was it not covered by our warranty (what!? we just bought the van in December!), but it was going to cost $500 to fix!! From what the woman told Philip, they were talking about doing some stuff that was a Lot more major than what it seemed needed to be done. At any rate, there was no way we were paying to have the door fixed (it still Worked, it just didn't open automatically, and we had to use two hands, one to press down on the rear window, so the door could get past, and one to pull on the handle). So, we were on our way in the car this morning to go pick it up when we got a call that it was fixed!! Apparently, upon further inspection, they did see what the problem was (that Philip had explained) and were able to fix it free of charge! Praise the Lord! =)

After leaving the dealership, Philip headed for Pensacola and we went to Walmart for a couple things. While we were there, I came across this adorable "rolling bucket" in the outdoor section and it begged for us to take it home! =)

I think it was intended for kids to use it outside for gardening and stuff, but... it sure makes a good little sister carrier! =)


After the kid's naps, it was still pretty hot out (even late afternoon), so we headed to the park to play and cool off in the water...

My munchkins

Smiley girl

Keenan was so proud of himself for climbing this by himself!

Just a random one that I like

"Ya, I know I'm a stud"

I was taking a picture of the boat, and happened to catch a C-130 as well!

Relaxing on the beach

I'm not sure, but it's cute..

Trying to get a picture of Moriah without being able to see through the camera

"Ha ha! I love that Mommy is still taking pictures and she has no idea I just spit up all over myself!"

She Loves to watch whatever Keenan is doing!

"Moriah, you should come in, the water's great!"

She Really wanted my drink!

Good balance =)

The rock (etc) collection that Keenan brought me

When we got home, Keenan decided He should try sit in the new bucket... and he fit!

How cute is he?

This one's a little fuzzy, but still fun!

"Here, Keenan, I'll give you a push!"

Hanging out in the last rays of sunshine

Lovin' those toes


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got a really cute niece and nephew!
Love Auntie Bekah

Mom W. said...

Hey, don't you think Keenan was just a little overdressed for the pizza party?? LOL

Will they make a bucket list??? = ) cute idea to use it for carrying kids...

Flakymn said...

I love the title of this blog ...

it describes my feelings entirely. Blah Pensacola! Blah!