Saturday, June 27, 2009

Party Across the Bayou

This afternoon, despite some light rain, we went to a Family Medicine Residency party at Dr. G's house (just a few minutes away). It was a lot of fun! There was a lot of fun people there, some great food, and Philip and Keenan even got to go for a boat ride and get pulled in a tube! (I didn't realize this was happening at the time, so I don't have pictures).

Sweet picture of Andrea and sleeping Chloe

Moriah, Me and Roy

Who's Roy, you might ask? This is Roy Finch, and if you don't know who he is, you will soon! (Well, that is, if you follow American College Football). Roy is the son of one of the Second Year Residents here at Eglin. He was a (much sought after) running back for Niceville High School, and just today has signed with the Oklahoma Sooners! (Seriously, google "Roy Finch" and you'll find him - he's been on ESPN and everything!) I had this picture taken, so in a few years, when everybody knows him, I can say, "Here's me and Roy Finch, I knew him before he was famous!" LOL! He's a great kid, very talented, but very humble as well, and loves the Lord.

Philip and Keenan actually spent most of the time in the water and Keenan learned how to keep himself upright in a life jacket by himself! He was starting to get a little wrinkly by the time they finally came out! =)
I love how his hair is so smooth and perfect here! =)

Clay rockin' the bouncy castle

He's graduated and moving in three days, so he doesn't have to worry about his professional image any more... =)

I love this dress on Moriah (she got it from the residency program director and his wife) and thought she looked so pretty on Dr. G's yellow couch...

Her smiley "I'm just chillin" look...

... followed by "This is my serious face, don't mess with me"...

... a relaxed, happy pose...

... up close and personal


Mom E said...

I loved the "serious face" pose Moriah had. Too funny. And I'll save this post and I can say, "hey, my d-i-l sent me Roy's picture before he was famous!" I know him too.....well, sort of. :-)

Isaac said...

sounds like you had a fun time!