Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Fun, Hot, Busy Day Yesterday! =)

Yesterday morning, while Philip was still sleeping, and Moriah was down for a nap, Keenan and I headed outside to get some play time in before it got too hot. These are Record high temperatures for this time of year, by the way. With the heat index, it got over 100 yesterday. By 8:00, it was already in the 80's! We watered the flowers, he played in his sandbox, we went for a walk around the block, chatted with Myrtle, and then he cooled off in his pool before we headed inside (all before breakfast!)

Since no one was around, we didn't bother with a bathing suit, so Keenan just rocked the swimmy diaper =)

This flower had fallen off, and I loved how the little water droplets looked on the petals (and also Keenan's little hand in the background)

My flowers seem to be surviving me and the heat okay!

After I got him out of the pool and dried off, he went and waited for me like this at the door =)

Bananas for breakfast

So That's where all your Cheerios went...

We were invited to Madison and Jocelyn's Ladybug birthday party and I had fun making their card, using that theme...

Little girl stuff is too fun!

I was Thrilled that Moriah had this ladybug dress to wear to the party!

The cute antennae just made the outfit! =)

Brittney did an Amazing job with Ladybug decorations!

Elijah (With the stripes, I think he kind of looks like a little caterpillar... that's not girly, John!)

One of the super cute cakes

Everything was soo cute!

Party shot

The fun Ladybug Pinata (this one doesn't need to be hit, you just pull the ribbons, until the right one opens the "trapdoor"!)
When I was lightening this picture, the background went funky and I decided I liked it, so I left it that way!)

When it finally opened, I think Keenan was in shock, and was like, "Seriously? We can just pick up as much candy as we want??"
(I Love Madison's braids in this picture!)

"Well okay then, let's do this!"

Daddy giving Keenan pointers on which candy to choose...

Two ladybugs

Cute, rosy cheeked girls with their adorable cakes

Moriah changed into a "hot weather" outfit =)


The girls opening their gifts from us
(Madison is looking inside the purse for her little mirror)

Madison with her personalized purse

Jocelyn and her purse
These were designed by Philip's awesome and talented cousin, Denise (check out her site!)

Elijah was just too hot to stay awake

Isaac swinging with Philip

Moriah swinging for the second time

Happy dude

I love this face!

Thirsty boy guzzling Wendi's water

Keenan and Daddy swinging high together


After the birthday party, we drove home, changed clothes and headed to Blue Water Bay for the Real Truth Party. This is where the new Interns, the new Second Years, and the Chiefs all get together. Everyone can get to know each other, the spouses meet, and the new Interns Hopefully come away with a better idea of what they're getting themselves into! =)

Just some of the people at the party

They had the Granddaddy of all bouncy castles!
(It had a maze, stairs and a slide inside!)

Keenan played in here almost the Entire time
(and was drenched in sweat!)

More of the new Intern class

Keenan taking a break for dessert
(See how wet his hair is??)

Moriah taking a break for a snooze

Battle of the Bands

Philip and Keenan on the drums

Celeste on vocals (I love this picture!)
She is a week or two younger than Moriah

Keenan talking to Philip on the way home
(We were in separate cars)

As we were heading home (at 8:30), Keenan said, "Where we goin'? Nuder party?" LOL!


Flakymn said...

Nuder party. Oh gosh I hope not. We were exhausted!! What a day!!

Love the pics Joia. The one of Isaac laughing on Philip made me nearly tear up. I love that boy. (Isaac not Philip.) :)

While I am at a comment, you look soooo pretty in that white dress in the post above. I love it.

Joia said...

Thanks for the compliment Wendi! The dress was a gift from my sister in law, Rebekah! =)

Jessica said...

Isaac is so adorable-it's incredible how much he looks like Wendi's husband! And, wow, I cannot believe how wet Keenan's hair was AND my brother playing drums!!! I love it. :)

Mom E said...

I ditto Jessica's comments; and also wonder what it's like(for you and Philip) to be on the "other side" of the fence, so to speak, at the Real Truth Party with the new interns? Do you ever reflect back to when you and Philip were first there and wonder what the other (2nd-3rd year) interns were thinking about you guys when you arrived? You have such a great wifia group;does the wifia get handed down?....sorry, waxing philosophical here. ;]