Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not much

We took Keenan to the doctor yesterday and he had developed an ear infection in his left ear in the past couple of days. He's now on antibiotics for that, and his fever has also gone away. He does still have a cough though, which doesn't make for great sleeping (for him or me). I have a couple pictures from his doctor visit, but for some reason can't upload pictures to the blog right now...

So... ants are disgusting. I know that there are MANY bugs more gross than ants, and...one at a time, I don't think ants are gross at all (fire ants are Nasty, but not gross). However, in large numbers, especially large numbers IN my house... ants are Disgusting!!! I realized last night that we had an infestation in our snack cupboard. First I just saw a few here and there, and then I got up on a chair and looked at the second shelf, and... almost started hyperventilating!! Ewww!!! They were everywhere, and when I shone a flashlight into the top of the cupboard I could see where they were coming and going from... a tiny hole in the corner, that must lead into the wall, because there were none in the next cupboard. After I quickly grabbed out anything we wanted to salvage, Philip doused them with Raid. Man, that stuff is potent! I haven't seen any more today, but our bug guy is coming tomorrow to take care of it. Yuck!

Not a whole lot else going on here (except secret stuff), and I haven't taken any pictures of the kids today. Much more fun posting to come, I promise.. =)

I'll end with a random quote I came across a couple weeks ago that I love:

"Cleaning the house while children are still growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing!" AMEN!


Anonymous said...

I know we get ants sometimes at school and they completely gross me out!

Mom E said...

hate ants too! yuk. Oh, and I like (not!) how you are taunting us with a "special project"! ;]

So glad the fever is gone, but sorry to hear about the ear infection.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joia!
Just thought I'd wish you a Happy Canada Day!!!
Don't forget your Canadian roots....wear some red and white today!!!
Have a great one!

Mom W. said...

I have had a few ants this year too. Certainly not an infestation though.

I was wondering if you were ever going to blog again. = )

Praying for Keenan...

Aunt Heather said...

Windex is the weapon of choice for ants around here, especially since insecticides have been banned in Ontario.

Isaac said...

Ants that's disgusting! As mom e said i don't like you taunting us with a secret project. :-(