Friday, June 26, 2009

Keenan funnies, etc...

Boy do we ever love this little guy.... and does he ever crack us up!!

Unfortunately, his temperature was way back up today (104 unmedicated), so he spent a lot of time sleeping and "I want up"ping. Fortunately Myrtle is doing fine today and hasn't come down with anything.

I've been keeping track of some of the funny things he says. Here are a few:

Cars in Time Out

The other day Keenan walked up to me, holding one of his little cars...
(Keenan)"Car naughty"
(Me) "What did the car do?"
(Keenan) "Be naughty on floor"
(Me) "Oh"
(Keenan) "Car get time out! Car get spankin'!" (He spanks it and it falls on the floor) "Car get time out, I put in time out"
He goes around the corner into the front room (where his time out spot is), sets the car on the floor and says, "Wait for beep,car" (When Keenan is in time out, we set a timer in the kitchen and tell him that he has to wait for the beep before he can come out).
He comes back in the kitchen and I turned on the timer... beep, beep!
Keenan goes back in the front room, picks up the car and comes back out. He holds up the car and looks at me.
(Me) "Are you going to talk?" (We always have a talk with Keenan after and ask him why he got a time out, etc..)
(Keenan) "Why get time out, car? Sit wif me" and he sat down on the floor.
(After his time out, we often say "Come here, sit with me and let's talk")
He looks at the car and says, "Why get time out?" (After he had decided the car understood what it had done wrong, he went and got a truck and did it all over!)

All his "marts"

Last night Keenan said, "Where's Daddy, in Shalimart?" I asked him to repeat it because I didn't know what he was saying. "Shalimart!"
"Oh!" I said, "Shalimar!" (a town near here). No, it's "Shalimar", not "mart".
Apparently to him, there's K-Mart, Walmart...and Shalimart!


For most of my life I've been a little self conscious about my nose. I think it's sort of big. Several people said mean things about it when I was younger, and I've had a hard time getting past that. Anyway, I thought I was doing okay with it, until the other day when Keenan and I were talking about noses. He was eating lunch and he pointed at his nose and said, "My nose", I said, "Yup, that's your nose". Then he pointed at my nose and said, "Mama's nose?" I said, "Yes, Mama has a nose too." He said, "You have Big nose... (then, pointing at his own, said) Keenan has Tiny nose!" Thank you, thanks a lot, Keenan...

Big Woman?

Lately, we've been teaching Keenan to realize the difference between babies, kids and adults. He knows that Moriah is a baby and that he is a "big boy". He asked me the other day if I was a
"big girl" and at first I said, "Yes,", but then I said, "Actually Mommy is a Woman and Daddy is a Man".
Today he said, "Mommy are you big boy?" I said, "No, what is Mommy?" He said, "Woman? You big woman?" I rolled my eyes and said, "Well, I'd prefer Average Woman, actually".

Rock a Bye Baby

For the past few weeks, any time Philip or I start to sing this song to Keenan, he immediately starts listing off people and things that we also need to "rock a bye", besides him. We have sung "Rock a bye... Keenan, Daddy, Mommy, Moriah, Bunny, paci, fire truck, Grandma, Grandpa, Lightning McQueen, Myrtle, Doc Hudson, curtains, bed, cup, toes, Bible,"... you name it!

My turn!

We left the house to go to Sonic this afternoon and Keenan piped up and said, "My turn, I drive in the van now!"

Other Stuff

* For scoot over, he says "scoof"
* If something is too small for him to fit in/through, he says "It's too fit!"
* If he's eaten something and it's all gone and I ask where it went, he says "Down hill!"

Random note - I can't believe I forgot to mention that Moriah slept for NINE hours the night before last! Last night was pretty good too, but she did wake up in the night... I could get used to actually sleeping through the night!

This morning, Philip and Moriah had their first outing together, just the two of them. (I had a cute picture of them before they left..that I accidentally deleted) Philip took her on base to the Photo Department to have pictures done for her Canadian passport. They turned out pretty cute!

I did take some pictures of the kids this evening, but I'll wait on them until tomorrow... I'm very much wanting to follow my kids to bed now.

One more random note (Anyone who has seen my Facebook status already knows this)... I totally freaked out for a second when Keenan came running into Moriah's room this afternoon with his hands covered in peanut butter. I thought it was.... not peanut butter.


Flakymn said...

Just for the record, I have never, not for a second, though you had a big nose. And I mean that.

Oh peanut butter ... whew!

This was a great post! I was throughly entertained.

Mom E said...

loved the Keenan comments and I agree, your nose is just fine. :-) Although, I too, have always been self-conscious about my nose too!

Isaac said...

that was funny! man I can't believe he puts his cars-trucks in time out! I wonder how many times the cars and trucks get in time out! :-)

p.s. I just Had to let you know that Isaac located your blog online, read the blog,and typed this comment all by himself, all while I was busy on my laptop in the dining room! He also did the smiley face by himself too. :-) Mom

Isaac said...

i also liked the captions too!

Mom W. said...

Top picture of Keenan is good...